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anthonyfurey "I support free speech, but I draw the line at people writing opeds and participating in debates!" - talking point of the day for Canadian progressives #elxn43 Columnist/oped editor for Sun/Postmedia; @SiriusXmCanada host 7-10et; fellow w/ True North Centre; best-selling author:
brianlilley Ottawa & Toronto Why are Canadian leaders being asked to comment on Brexit? And why is @theJagmeetSingh singing the praises of free trade in Europe while denouncing free trade between Canada and other countries. Political columnist for the Toronto Sun. I write about federal and Ontario politics. Sometimes other stuff. I tweet about @NDFootball and movies.
lraitt Milton, ON The CEO and founder of one of the world’s biggest buyout companies says he persuaded Justin Trudeau to agree to the new continental free-trade deal on Donald Trump’s terms or risk a recession that could cost the Liberals the Canadian election. Mother of 2, Caregiver, Milton CPC Candidate 2019 Federal Election, Deputy Leader Conservative Party of Canada. Authorized by the Official Agent of Lisa Raitt
TheClosetInc Chatham, Ont Canada Fall 2019 Collection Timberland 6 Inch Premium Boot Bright Blue Nubuck “Spongebob” Collab Quickstrike Men’s Sizes TB0A22T4J45 $250.00 CAD Available now online and in all store locations Free Canadian Shipping/International Shipping Available Trend setters since 1998! The Closet Is a Canadian leader in exclusive footwear & apparel! Jordan, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Converse and more!
CrystalSeahorse @Ralor9 @ThePoutineGate @JerryPDias @globeandmail @ezralevant @UniforTheUnion Knee pad Diaz bucking for senate appointment.Canada MSM journs kowtow to union wishes & their corporate owners no more free than mainland China, Russian, or North korean journalists . yep it's official Canadian journalism is party and party of the banana republic of Canada Designer, Writer, Hawk, Political Activist, Straight Shooter . Not Politically Correct! NRA supporter Live both sides of the 49th
MoLearnEnglish 135 Fennell Ave W, Hamilton New to Canada and looking for a job in your field? Learn how to stand out and successfully integrate into the Canadian workforce with FREE Workplace Preparation at Mohawk College. Contact us today! 📞 Supporting newcomers integration, academic development & career advancement through FREE programs. Contact us to learn more!
Legion_Magazine Ottawa, ON The Royal Canadian Legion is proud to team up with @HearingLife to help Canadians hear better, bettering their quality of life on every front. Book a free hearing test within one of HearingLife’s 220+ clinics and let @HearingLife be hear for you. Visit Award-Winning Publication devoted to Canadian history, the Canadian military, health matters, and Remembrance.
kjmarps Edmonton, Alberta Canada If I was the leader of a Canadian Political Party that had no hope in hell of winning I would be totally promising crazy stupid things. Like lower cell bills and cable tv costs or free dental care... Not worry about deficit elimination .. Oh wait the NDP beat me to it. M2M Specialist / Telecom Specialist / Mobility Data Specialist
Baby_Smurf_NL Ontario,Canada @DesmondTsuga @jordanbpeterson Shouldn't we, as Canadian's get to see if it's a crapty movie for ourselves? I have paid to see movies and then after it was over I said wow this was a crapty movie and a waste of money. We as free citizens should be allowed to choose to watch movies even if they are crapty. WTF. I Am A News Junkie. Love sports..Love to cook and garden..Love My Leafs,Jays,Raptors and TFC. Was Liberal until I saw all the bias from MSM. Seeker of truth.🇨🇦
sandrawisner Toronto, Ontario Important piece on Canada's failure to punish #UN peacekeepers for sex misconduct abroad - feat. fellow canadian @kailamintz @AIDS_Free_World #Haiti Canadian human rights lawyer specializing in international human rights law & corporate accountability. Tweets are my own; RT not endorsements.
NarcityCanada Canada A Mario Kart tournament, stargazing, and more! #canada #canadian #news Your #1 daily Canadian news source for everything breaking in your city.
KrugerDunExp Chandler AZ @circe_acapella @Shann_Q0 So do you realize that everything you have listed is guaranteed to every Canadian, for free. Same day appointments, labs and tests, health discussions are between you and your doctor. No 3rd party You never know where you are on the curve
encoreplusmedia We're big fans of Catherine O'Hara and her amazing performance in The Life Before This! You can view it and many more classic Canadian films on Encore+ for FREE. Celebrating memorable Canadian films and TV shows on YouTube! | Célébrer les films et émissions canadiens mémorables sur YouTube! 🇨🇦🎥🍿
TheCNDZombie Toronto,ontario @hutchinson i would never trade my Canadian health care for usa style. if it was not for Canada health, good chance i would have died to cancer as when i had it i was jobless and in debt sooo. my aunt also had cancer and had free rushed surgery to remove it. Streamer on @Twitch and a Photographer for business inquire:
RedBSierra Belfast, Northern Ireland @DarraghMcKenna Strategically it makes sense for the US to control it being it’s closer to the nation and thus they will control both sides of the Canadian shipping corridor which should free up more from ice in future even during winter spells. And being the US is a super power it can Automotive enthusiast, big gay but in reality 5'2, drives a Fiesta Red Edition Zetec S. 🏳️‍🌈🇬🇧🇮🇪
princesscinemas Waterloo, Ontario September 26th, DIGITAL DISCONNECT Get FREE tickets > "Exploring the crucial question of whether the connective potential of social media outweighs the damage it inflicts on our minds, our families, our society, and our democracy." #KWAwesome Waterloo Region's Premiere Art House since 1985. Voted KW's Favourite Movie Theatre by Record Readers!
B1NGEMEDIA Toronto, Ontario There's an incredible free screening TONIGHT at the Royal Theatre 🎥🎬"She Walks With Apes", features the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, Jane Goodall, and is narrated by "Grey's Anatomy" star & Canadian actress, Sandra Oh 👀Who's pulling up? If you #BINGE it, it's here.
smeadow @realDonaldTrump We call for your resignation for smearing Our free press Our intelligence community Our senators and representatives Our PoC Our allies Our former president Our Canadian & Mexican neighbors Our PR territory My man, my kids, my family and my tribe; spirituality, animals, conservation, the planet, tolerance. Mmmhmm.
dicentradotcom Toronto, Ontario Are you thinking of taking your Canadian food business into the #cannabis space? Contact us to start your Cannabis Edibles #HACCP Certification today and get a FREE quote! Consulting firm & Contract Research Organization specializing in Safety, Quality & Compliance for the Life Sciences, Food & Cannabis industries.
CSCAtlantic Halifax, Nova Scotia To say #ThanksCoach #MerciCoach Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic in partnership with @sportnovascotia, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation and the Government of Nova Scotia will be offering FREE professional development opportunities in each region!Sign up: The Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic (CSCA) promotes excellence in sport by supporting high performance athletes and coaches training in Atlantic Canada
Kirk1977 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada We need to reduce HIV stigma and spread the message about #UequalsU. So I'm pleased the @CCGSD_CCDGS Slay Stigma tour is coming to #Halifax in October. And it's a FREE chance to see @trinitykbonet 👓 He/him. Finds adventure in everyday life. Aims to reduce LGBTQI2S+ 🏳️‍🌈 health inequities through health promotion. Works @CBRCtweets.
migueljr73 @JerryPDias @globeandmail @ezralevant Blocking free speech isn't Canadian. Allowing the people to use their own minds to make their own decisions and develop their own ideas is a keystone of a free society. Grow up, stop sulking.
rexglacer Barrie, Ontario When you elect a daddy’s money elitist celebrity Liberal named Trudeau who’s divisive politics of hatred are destroying Canada... Did I win a free poutine? When does an ‘I love Canadian oil & gas’ shirt become political? #cdnpoli RCAF Veteran/RT, wore our flag on my sleeve for 30 yrs, Globalists should try it! Harley rider, restricted for gun owner. In full pursuit of the RV lifestyle
QueerClick Planet Unicorn Cory Kane enjoys some late night downtime with sexy, enigmatic fellow Canadian Sean Peek but it isn’t long before their slow-burning sensual intimacy heats up in this condom-free flip-fork scene. @cockyboys Award-winning Gay Porn Blog. Where Unicorns Roam Carefreely!
kwhitehead141 Toronto, Ontario Toronto literary community: please consider attending the 2019 Literature Matters lecture, hosted by Avie Bennett Chair in Canadian Literature @UofTEnglish Smaro Kamboureli and featuring the brilliant @tagaq and @karenmconnelly Register for free here: Obsessive reader, reluctant writer. PhD student @UofT studying Canadian literature and critical theory. Former @schulichschool instructor.
YorkUGma Ontario, Canada @RadioFreeTom I'm Canadian and I love my health insurance too. Americans think it's somehow "free" but we pay for it and EVERYBODY's covered. Nobody's going bankrupt from health issues or dying for lack of money to pay for treatment. It's not perfect but it works for everybody, rich or poor Retired Gma with a sarcastic sense of humour about this crapty world we are leaving behind for the generations to come....
dropsuite Singapore, Australia, USA Dropsuite Cloud Backup and Archiving for Office 365 can store all data in an AWS data center, 100% within Canadian borders, to fulfill PIPEDA and IIROC regulatory requirements + meet data sovereignty rules for government-related businesses. Free demo @ Official Twitter account for Dropsuite (DSE:ASX). Cloud Backup for Office 365 (Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups & Teams) - plus Compliant Email Archiving.
PEERSAlliance Charlottetown, PE Remember when we joined the POZitivity campaign during Pride week? Well, they’re returning and bringing some drag! Join the The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity and get educated about HIV and stigma. Tickets are FREE! #UequalsU PREVENT. EDUCATE. EMPOWER. RESPECT. SUPPORT.
colinasuncion Toronto Today's the day! I'm honoured to be part of @cbcbakingshow Season 3. This was the greatest experience of my life and I'm beyond excited to finally watch it unfold onscreen. Tune in tonight at 8pm @CBC or stream it online for free on CBC Gem Marketing Manager @RetailCouncil | Music and Theatre Performer | One Third of @asianriffintrio | Baker on @cbcbakingshow Season 3
haltonparents Halton Region, Ontario Come out and support #CanadianBreastfeedingWeek on a nature hike. Refreshments and prizes included in this annual event. Register for FREE TICKETS here: #CBW2019 #CBW2019 ^hvl Real nurses. Real people. Real life. Chat with public health nurses about parenting: from considering pregnancy to raising teens. Monitored M-F 8:30am-4:30pm.
srdjanvucetic La capitale de nous Ottawa folks: come discuss Canada's accession to the ATT in the context of a revival of arms racing Thursday, September 26 – 9:00 am – 5:45 pm @uOttawaCIPS, admission free for students. By Canadian Pugwash, @PugwashConfs affiliate. Cutting-edge research at razor-sharp intersections @uOttawaGSPIA
YAYHalton Burlington, ON Calling all mothers and families, Canadian Breastfeeding Week is approaching on October, 4th Here is a free event that is being held at the Robert Edmonson Conservation Area in Milton The event starts is from 10am-1pm The goal is to empower families to reach breastfeeding success A targeted prevention program for children ages 6-12 with the goal of improving their social skills, boosting their self-esteem, and confidence!
pmalgunas Vancouver, British Columbia @TerryGlavin Any Canadian politicians attending these events while Canadians are illegally arrested and detained in Communist jails should be blacklisted in Canada - Free Canadian hostages #kovrig #spavor held illegally in Communist China secret jails! #cdnpoli #bcpoli #elxn43
HuronBrucePPCA Huron-Bruce EDA Ontario Canada @pfaj_ @RGPaton @CanadianGreens @ElizabethMay I support private ownership and investment but not free handouts to some people at my expense that's my point. The more foreign investment in Canada under Canadian control the more those companies should pay for benefits for their employees like medical, dental and childcare. Posts of personal opinion are those of Kevin M. Klerks Candidate/President. Official verified account of Huron-Bruce PPC Association. #PPC2019 #Klerks4MPHB
KhanMadiq @theJagmeetSingh We need to make buying votes in this country illegal. Then these dirt-bags would need to know the issues and campaign on that rather than "free crap! Vote for ME!!" I'm so ashamed and embarrassed to be Canadian. Pronoun: Your highness.
GrundyLkPP Grundy Lake Provincial Park Help us keep our wildlife and the landscape free of trash, join us to clean up our shorelines along Grundy, Gurd, Gut and Clear lake. You can also sign-up with the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up (to let us know you are planning on coming! Three hiking trails along beautiful lakes. Sandy beaches and smooth rocky shorelines provide many options for swimming, boating and backcountry camping.
Carter41421676 @AOC Truth bomb from a Canadian: single payer healthcare isn’t *FREE* and it’s really crapty. Subsidized education just devalues useless defrees even further. Wages are a reflection of your value in the labour market ONLY, not your value as a human being.
koodo Canada @InternetPhD Hey there! Thanks for reaching out to us! All the Canadian plans include free international texts messages and for calls you check out here the add-ons for US. Thanks. ^SC The official Twitter of Koodo. Here to help Mon-Fri 9am-9pm & Sat-Sun 9am-6pm. Get your questions answered anytime at
CheripopPurr Canada Auditions! Free Flow Dance Theatre is a leading edge professional Canadian contemporary dance company based in Saskatoon SK. In 2020 the company celebrates it's 25th anniversary and we are holding open auditions… Founder and director of the Rosebud Burlesque club and founder and artistic director of the Free Flow Dance Theatre Company and Free Flow dance centre.
logicdog Winnipeg @OXIOXIForever @jacobinmag I'm Canadian. My free healthcare is actually superb. And 'it tells us nothing' suggests you haven't done the reading. Comms Guy. I like comics, art, film, humanity, and Winnipeg (in that order.) Thoughts are my own. Retweets do not imply endorsement. Some assembly required.
smallcappower Toronto, Canada Discover 4 Canadian oil and gas stocks that have a three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of unlevered free cash flow (UFCF) of more than 20%! #oil #gas #stocks @MEGEnergyCorp $MEG $TOG $CJ $GXE Industry leading source for small-cap stock coverage, research, and analysis. Focused on discovering underfollowed companies. Visit:
JulienCoteIND Montreal @CBCNews The Canadian government allowed wages and purchasing power to stagnate for decades. Corporations pay so little that people need a side hustle to survive. In April, they get a tax bill. My plan has your first 50k tax free. #Elexn43 Candidate for LaSalle, Émard and Verdun in the 43rd Federal Elections. Candidat pour LaSalle, Émard et Verdun aux 43e éléctions fédérales.
saneopinionyeg 3 kms S of the N Saskatchewan @gehrig38 Mr. Schilling, it may be a good time to remind you, most of the free world has gun laws. I can only speak for myself. I’m Canadian living in a city of 1.2 million. Other than a couple hunting rifles I’ve never even seen a gun. It’s just not that important. And, that’s great!! Hubby, dad, grandfather: proud 🇨🇦 semi-retired union man. Proudly Yeg, home for last 40 years. AND PROUDLY YYC 🔥 & Stamps fan. Not a Trumpee, but respect all
kowyatt West Linn, Oregon BIG day in @ELGL50 land: start with a free webinar on community engagement with the #biglocalgovballer team from @DavenportInst at 9 am PT, and end with a Canadian (Supper) Club in @cityoftoronto: cc: @PaulaKwan @Richard_Florida @clearpointstrat @ELGL50 cofounder, @GovLovePodcast cohost, @willamette_u @uncmpa grad. I ❤️: #ELGLRoadTrip #DiversityDashboard #localgov #CityHallSelfie #ELGL20 #ELGLInspire!
from_flock @AB4Pets @sarahblueroses @RadioFreeTom As a Canadian I find your system incredibly complicated. We pay more tax, healthcare is free. It’s simple and it works. Mouthy Canadian. I believe in science and the power of education. And Oprah.
TheAIHub Oshawa, Ontario Don’t miss out today the webinar on “Need for #ThreatIntelligence Analysts in the Canadian #Cybersecurity Space" hosted by @farooqwahab and @michaelleung_ca Watch it live for free! Register at #CTIA Based out of @durhamcollege's Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ORSIE), the #AIHub helps small and medium enterprises adopt #AI.
DannyAlberta77 Calgary, Alberta Mortgaging the future and impoverishing the unborn for “free” stuff now. It’s very Canadian. It should be very popular. #cdnpoli Twitter of Danny 'Alberta' Schryer. Albertan. Calgarian.
naijanomads Lagos @El_sheva07 But how many counties have straight flights Nigeria? I guess you are referring to Mexico, Turks etc which is another category and we already stated you need a US/UK/Canadian or Schengen visa to get there visa free. Unveiling the reach of your green passport!
BIArchitectess @kill_tomorrow_ @AttyJ @buddy_i @ezbmurphy @TorontoStar Well except here in the States we have this little thing called free speech, so yes, they do. To you, anything that doesn't approve and encourage LGBT is intolerance, but you can't legislate acceptance, and Chick-fil-a isn't a Canadian company. I work with data.
OWMA1 Brampton, ON Attending the Canadian Waste to Resource Conference? Share this in your social feeds and you'll be entered to win a FREE registration every time you do... > "I'm registering for #CWRC2019 in Toronto, October 8 - 10, 2019. See you there! #refertowinCWRC" The Ontario Waste Management Association is the voice of the province's waste management and resource recovery sectors.

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