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liberal_party Canada More money for 9/10 Canadian families. Tax free. That’s what the #CanadaChildBenefit is all about - and later this week, it’s going up! Official Twitter account of the Liberal Party of Canada 🇨🇦 En français à @parti_liberal
TheSpec 44 Frid St., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Free speech or incitement: Should Cedar Hopperton be behind bars? The arrest and subsequent decision to keep Hopperton jailed has sparked a "Free Cedar" campaign that has gained traction among hundreds of Canadian academics and many organizations Headlines, alerts + comments from Hamilton Spectator. Use #HamOnt to join the conversation. 1-800-263-6902 | Subscribe:
AndrewLawton London, Canada At Day 2 of the Global Conference for Media Freedom, co-hosted by the Canadian and British governments. Here's my recap of the conference's first day, in which no one seemed to talk about free speech in Canada or the UK. Broadcaster. Columnist. Speaker. Attempted politician. || Fellow, @TrueNorthCentre || Email:
BernJordanMP South Shore, Nova Scotia Starting today Canadians will be protected with new Air Passenger Rights. Our Government is standing up for Canadian travellers with new uniform rules for airlines, because travellers deserve stress-free and consistent treatment while travelling! ✈️ Member of Parliament for South Shore-St. Margaret's, Minister for Rural Economic Development, wife and mother. personal account
leighgt @JustinSchafer1 @muchmore2cents @arendtiana @HomenumRevelio3 @MonicaFibonacci @StephenRWade3 @BrentDgls @BobRae14 @georgewcowles @Canadian_Chris_ @lassiter1550 @OldManDuke @Danbalkwill1 @pacopilbakalao @phil_rack @indivcan @backmarker3 @JohnAll63815927 @rossw04 @MarkMe60 @GirouxRheal @trains72 @torontoensis @Blueyes9445 @vesnalaurie8 @HaveWeAllGoneM1 @NewImproved9 @jay_slatter @daveb2561 @AsuAdanac @defiantcanuck @FriendsOScience @Canadian_logic_ @IsExtortion @RRidley11 @LDawg05 @kstokesvies @SusanIverach @lambert_pp @JIsaacsonV2 @laShawner951 @nemo_gratis @FayMary3 @jacksurfs204 @UpKeeks @molly6342 @Mim19561 @ThedeplorableM @DawsonMdhoust @JonDavi87753992 We're aborting our own in western countries and bringing over people with upwards of 10 kids.That's $ minimum $50,000 a year tax free for kids alone Canada Strong
TheClosetInc Chatham, Ont Canada Fall 2019 Collection Mens Nike Air Force 1 “White/Blue Void-Gum" Mens Sizes CI0057-101 $120.00 CAD Available in all store locations and on Free Canadian Shipping #TheClosetInc #TheClosetIncLondon #TeamCloset #Nike #NikeAirForce1 #AirForce1 #AirForce Trend setters since 1998! The Closet Is a Canadian leader in exclusive footwear & apparel! Jordan, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Converse and more!
j_sherrington92 Thompson, Manitoba @MalcolmNance OMFG I'm Canadian and I criticize the United States every single day BECAUSE THIS STUPID, RACIST DUMBASS IS PRESIDENT!!! How can you say you have a free democracy when an "electoral collage" outweighs the popular vote? How does that even make sense!? A paradox of the modern age - 25 revolutions around the sun and counting! - Sarcasm and observational humor are key - Movie buff ❤ Cinema Lover - I like food
marksology Arizona NEW Update! 300 New Links to Free Historical Newspapers for Canada have been added in this the 2nd update for 2019. Total is Now over 3,330 titles! Check out the link list by province and find newspaper articles about your Canadian ancestors. #genealogy .. Ancestor Hunter | Family History Website Creator | Genealogy Fanatic | Searcher of all things seen and unseen | Former Software Executive - Kenneth R Marks
LisaRobertsHfx Halifax, Nova Scotia Have you visited HERE WE ARE HERE at @ArtGalleryNS? This exhibit explores Black Canadian presence and history, featuring contemporary works of nine artists- including Sylvia Hamilton! THIS THURSDAY from 7-8PM, join me for a visit, free of charge! @NSNDP MLA for #Halifax-Needham. Also mother, writer, good neighbour, maker of wicked jam and yummy black beans. Most of the time, I tweet on the bus.
Canadian_Chad35 Pennsylvania, USA Trade zero commission on Webull! Use my link and help us both get a free stock!
phil_rack Ottawa, Ontario @DuaneABentley @DaneMckerness @PpcVimy @magiver1001 @palevell @leighgt @JayMeller1 @CapersQ @Michell82410861 @MuhBoyAintRight @Danbalkwill1 @MarkMe60 @calybo62 @HedinBill @thereds8 @jmclennan8 @traceitback @MaelColum @NewImproved9 @anna_938 @AGRichard1 @RachieBabe079 @trishshirlaw @PaulSR36855907 @RickRed10 @grannycindy57 @jeffg463 @Cherylscotian1 @Orkidnut @RickClarke2017 @JohnAll63815927 @DestinyParadigm @Lyndamathews25 @sideshow_bo @Janie_St_K @GayleneSass @HaveWeAllGoneM1 @SaskLass @SusanIverach @pat69817036 @boysha @canada_rj @nixi_nixon @wendyfanning @LDawg05 @JIsaacsonV2 @imwiththeband9 @bgirl0001 @ErikLuczak @CPC_HQ I am opposed to carbon pricing, ongoing deficits, attacks on free speech, Open Migration, erosion of Canadian sovereignty, crony capitalism and identity politics. You want me to vote for Scheer to get rid of Trudeau......but Scheer represents all the things I am opposed to. Freedom loving, fiscally responsible Canadian Patriot who wants the industry of selling political favours to be shut down - permanently
IproudCanadian @DurBabushka @trishshirlaw @vankayak @Danbalkwill1 @nostradamous195 @SaveRHomes @Marie35396768 @kate_canadian @LeansNot @2019_Year_pol_C @PAULJOUDREY3 @mser1919 @CindylouAB @CndsVSTrudeau I get my papers free and they go right to the bottom of my Macau cages MCGA, MAGA, Make Trudeau a drama teacher again! Give Climate Barbie a brain. Send Freeland to finishing school. Thank you to all vets who served to keep us safe
aRAND0Mplatypus @NPCserpent @patobriennyusa @TheLaurenChen Sure you can criticize, you have a right to free speech (I’m Canadian so not really for me) but it’s a thing called common curtesy and just being a reasonable human being
infoman96694014 @Elizabe96952724 @charliekirk11 Port of Entry not illegally crossing over dumb wit ! Maybe we can accommodate your Liberal heart .We will provide free transportation to western Canada and let them cross over your border ! The Canadian Citizens will welcome them with open arms YES !!!!!
SimRacing604 Greater Vancouver Driving this Formula 79 at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park was awesome. This and more free tracks are the subject of the new video. Video here: Sim Racing 604 brings you the latest in sim racing news and videos
Benoit09173395 Laval, Québec @jleblanc_sports @NancyRog11 @TravisAllen02 @JeffreyGuterman @realDonaldTrump Does not. Canadian education system does not exist. Education is provincial. And it's not so bad since I can write/read in more than one language. And it's free, almost, but way more affordable than in US. Ask Ted Cruze, he knows. Moi... être moi! 😁 Je suis marié et heureux de l'être donc, si vous m'écrivez dans l'espoir d'une date... tough luck!😉
JoshBaer5 @jaypwag Tbh my Canadian socialist hospital is so inept I that dont attempt to go to doctors and just live sick, full of treatable diseases. I also got millions worth of free surgery and hospitalization when I was injured a few years ago... there are two sides of the coin here, annoyingly Albertan Canadian. Two fingers to the East and the government. anti war anti corporate anti political. Agriculture enthusiast. Crippled contractor.
neve_peric No Foreign Lands "While Canadian AI startups are on the hunt for elusive data, tech giants such as Google and Facebook, with free access to massive datasets generated through their own platforms, are taking a decisive lead in deploying new products and algorithms." Helping great Canadians do interesting things in innovation policy/international relations/Arctic/art #BlockSidewalk
Canadian_Zero @ZinfoInfo @AGRichard1 @QuigginReport @greg_scott84 @PpcYukon @4TR4iN @Gogetemgirls @GirouxRheal @peoplespca @votejkent @LauraLynnTT @TomTSEC @MaximeBernier @CPC_HQ I stand by free speech and protecting children from abuse. You prefer spouting #fakenews and name calling. Hard working, hard playing, free thinking Canadian.
World1President Astronomischebuurt, Hilversum Costum paspoort free pass world Canadian territoria international approved. 2nd passport allowed in NL and team Johan Aniel Chhanai free costum world. ‘87 - ‘91 ➡️ 🄹🄾🄷🄰🄽’🅂 🄼🄾🄳🄴🄻 fleet *⃞ *⃞ *⃞ *⃞ *⃞ AVID WIFI Peacekeeping Randstad 385+ companies. First worldleader.
Fred_Bot_ For some necessary maintenance tonight starting at our developer behind Dance and free Canadian F… Hello, I am Fred Bot I tweet stupid random stuff. Avatar by Lukzman, for Plainicon. Found at
ZinfoInfo #spx @Canadian_Zero @AGRichard1 @QuigginReport @greg_scott84 @PpcYukon @4TR4iN @Gogetemgirls @GirouxRheal @peoplespca @votejkent @LauraLynnTT @TomTSEC @MaximeBernier @CPC_HQ Here's a good example of how you have been hypnotised by Trudeau's socks. There is NO SUCH THING as a sex change. It is penis amputation; surgical vagina and life-long hormones. Which by the way are free with Canada's universal health care. Search Market News
PpcYukon Whitehorse, Yukon @SusanIverach @MarkFriesen08 @saltytowerJimT @mayoushtak @DeadRibbits @MaydayMatrix @Canadian_Zero @QuigginReport @greg_scott84 @anna_938 @TJRobertsNS @slapjacksnfudge @GodlessWomanOne @TomTSEC @AGRichard1 @4TR4iN @Gogetemgirls @GirouxRheal @peoplespca @votejkent @LauraLynnTT @MaximeBernier @CPC_HQ @Raheelraza @liberal_party @CBC @AndrewScheer @rcmiHQ Here is more, also recall who is now in the UK and how Tommy Robinson was treated. You want that kind of enrichment coming in unchecked? What is Scheer really doing? Wake up! Official account for People's Party of Canada - Yukon MP candidate Joseph Zelezny. @peoplespca @MaximeBernier @ppopulaireca #Yukon #BernierNation #PPC #PPC2019
OMeganTownshend Halifax Hey @audible_com... I appreciate that you have a Canadian site for getting your first free audio book, but why is it all in French? I speak French so it’s all good, but a lot of people don’t, and there’s nowhere to change the language. Actor, fantasy writer, YouTuber, pancake, nerdy bean and a particularly good finder. She/Her pronouns.
AutoNewsCanada Windsor, Ontario Calgary’s Quorum Information Technologies Inc. is getting a $1.50M interest-free repayable loan from the Atlantic Innovation Fund to develop a data hub that will help dealers establish sales and service leads. Our Automotive News Canada team delivers news you can trust & that represents the voice of the Canadian auto industry. Subscribe:
EvaNassifVimy Laval, Québec, Canada ✈️ Our government is standing up for Canadian travellers because they deserve stress-free, fair, and consistent treatment #cdnpoli 🇨🇦 Députée - M.P. #VimyLaval • Mère de triplés • Mom of triplets • • 450-967-3641
lulex @marshiehilgs @KenChapman46 Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. outlined the corporate structure of Enbridge Energy Partners. Money moved from Canada to this firm to pay Canadian workers. They had zero employees and got tax benefits on Canadian tax free MLPs. I am an environmental Activist of Mi'kma'ki and Acadian roots focusing on water, rare species, aquifers, public participation, policy, economics & compliance.
FrHarrison Port Alberni, British Columbia People will think me insane, but airports are one of my fav places in the world. You have nowhere to be except your gate. You can people watch. You’re free to simpler wonder and ponder. It’s actually a refuge. Admittedly, Canadian airports are better for this than American ones Pastor of holy family/Notre dame in Port Alberni, BC. theologian. canucks fan. Doctoral Candidate @MaryvaleInst in Theological Anthropology
karinsk9kitchen @GOP @VP Well I'll be boycotting you antibiotic, growth hormone infested dairy... Canadian dairy farmers do not use growth hormones such as BST or BGH and ensure their milk is free of antibiotics. While the administration of growth hormones known as BST or rBGH to dairy cows is allowed ..
Canadian_art Frances Hodgkins, "Berries and Laurel”, c.1930, from Prudence Heward’s collection. Charles Hill observed that Hodgkins' still-life set in a landscape and her free brushwork may have influenced Heward, e.g., ”Fruit in the Grass” c.1939, NGC. Evelyn Walters is the author of The Women of Beaver Hall: Canadian Modernist Painters (2005) and The Beaver Hall Group and Its Legacy (2017).
TetleyCasey @TheDailyNeedle @fordnation @jkenney @PremierScottMoe @Premier_Silver Property rights for what? Hate speech is not free speech. Every Canadian is already able to gain access to firearms. I for one am just fine with needing to complete training in order to gain that access though. This isn't the US and it never will be.
KerryBrigade Canada @VoteChris2019 Agree. But why then do you liberal's oppress strong, articulate and well reasoned female parliamentarians like JWR and J. Philpot for standing up to Trudeau's assault on Canadian justice? Why do you liberal's violate the Charter right to free speech? Explain yourself. Team player and frustrated taxpayer. Opinions are my own.
mycanadiancarma Victoria, British Columbia It's here, it's here! Every Monday the latest issue of our free, 100% Canadian weekly publication goes live at 12:01 AM Pacific Time, and can be found at - Stop by for a visit and check out what's happening this week in Issue #41 Canadian CARMA is a free weekly on-line magazine that will entertain, inspire, and enlighten all who read it.
44Pierre44 @realDonaldTrump I am Canadian and we have a social system. We owe a lot of money but every Canadian has free healthcare. Life in Canada is great - and now - we finally see it when we look at Trump. Let me put you up to speed to the latest events in my life.Nothing has happened in my life.You are now up to speed to the current events of my life.
CMGFreelance Canada How to write a book, ask editors for feedback, take guilt-free time off... plus more news and tips for #freelancers in our weekly roundup Off The Wire We're a union for freelancers in media, creative, knowledge, IT and communications. The freelance branch of @CMGLaGuilde. Publisher of @Storyboard_ca.
Noway1a @CBCTheNational Freeland blocked some Canadian media outlets from asking her questions during this conference yet CBC says nothing about her blocking media. So she doesn't believe in a free media and makes accusations towards the media that is her opinion yet those media outlets never charged
jb_roses @CTVNews Good for Trump- standing up to political correctness and those who hate Western democracy. The Canadian media should learn from Trump and stand up against political correctness for the best interests of Canadians freedoms and free speech! More state controlled media- wastes tax$ Political correctness kills free speech We must stand together
RestonicBeds Coming soon to a bed near you Just a few days left for your chance to win a FREE @ScottLivingHome Queen Mattress! Click here to enter: Open to US & Canadian residents only. Contest begins July 8, 2019 and runs until July 17, 5 pm. cc @MrSilverScott & @MrDrewScott Restonic's family of brands include @ScottLivingHome (#properybrothers) and @BiltmoreEstate - visit us at for a better night's sleep!
camille_sparkle Beychella, Wakanda But hes still being nice, but def a lik sketch now. Def getting flirty. And I'm def not trying to entertain. Anywho....we talk talk talking. Hes Canadian but moved to bali to open up restaurants. And now he has 3 really nice ones. So I get my free Michael Jackson... Quiet people have the loudest minds. Introverted fashion extrovert. 👑🐝🍋BEY-hive (pronounced BEE-hive like BEE-yon-say -- if u say BAY you're blocked 🤗)
TheCanadianMike YYZ MEX HKG ✈️ These vast, growing numbers of registered medical patients cover the wide Panorama off Canadian political thought and discourse. What day is one thing almost all of them are passionate about. Fairly priced, criminal free, open access medical cannabis. Global supply chain & new markets operator: thrilled to be part of a team making opportunities happen in Canada's Cannabis industry: [Personal account]
okotoksmatt Okotoks, Alberta @k2pointO @matthewdesteur @braedencaley No Nigerian, US, Saudi, Russian and Middle East oil doesn’t face they onerous and costly barriers that Canadian producers face. They can ship their oil right up the St Lawrence carbon tax free. Why are those ungrateful Albertans complaining so much?!? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Dad, husband, teacher, physician, Saskatchewan roughriders, Edmonton Oilers bandwagon fan, comedy, Weyburnite, my opinions are my own
FatFemnistWitch South of Detroit, Canada @CloneNic I’m Canadian and I didn’t think I’d see the shows I watched and I’m psyched I was wrong!!! Radio free roscoe, flash forward, out of this world, Alex Mack (also had the books), ghost writer, The Carmen sandiego game show!?!? DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE CARMEN SANDIEGO GAME SHOW? THIS IS MY ART AND IT IS DANGEROUS. ✨🧙‍♀️🖤 #Podcaster 🎙️#witchcraft #fatacceptance #witchreads Buy me a ☕️
que_priti Miami, FL @JamesElwynB Its not! Its an app called mobile passport. $15/year after free trial and you get to skip all of that. Any US or Canadian citizen can use it, as well as B1 and B2 visa holders. Its available in the 29 biggest airports in the US. Crazy efficient. Curiosity-driven Strategic Planner. @FloridaState & @UniCatt grad. Proud Panacubamerican. Will out-laugh you. Tweets & RTs not endorsements.
OVH New DC Foresight report on the ‘Compute Factory’ co-created by OVH and Canadian & international industry leaders: download the PDF for free ▶︎ #GCDCS19 Global hyper-scale #cloud provider. Innovative services focusing on private, public, hybrid cloud and bare metal. For technical support, contact @ovh_support_en
LucasKilravey Toronto, Ontario The Beijing regime is a criminal conspiracy - they are enemies of Canada and all free and open societies. We must be alive to the danger of totalitarian China and work with those who oppose them. #freehongkong #freetaiwan #Uighur #NoChinaExtradition JD 2018 @OsgoodeNews Non-partisan Liberal. Law, urban planning, politics & policy, real estate, finance and art. Big fan of #OpenFuture Tweeting ≠ endorsement
TheSpec 44 Frid St., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Free speech or incitement: Should Cedar Hopperton be behind bars? The arrest and subsequent decision to keep Hopperton jailed has sparked a "Free Cedar" campaign that has gained traction among hundreds of Canadian academics and many organizations Headlines, alerts + comments from Hamilton Spectator. Use #HamOnt to join the conversation. 1-800-263-6902 | Subscribe:
lawyersdailyca Canada Try a 2-week free trial giving full access to The Lawyer's Daily = Canadian legal news, in-depth #SCC coverage, expert analysis, case digests, business of law, legal tech and job moves published daily. Canadian legal news, in-depth SCC coverage, expert analysis, case digests, business of law, legal tech and job moves published daily. RTs are not endorsements.
TIMELINEREPAIR Canada @MMFlint Yep and I carry the cure for the planet Earth and would GIVE IT TO YOU FREE if you just wanted to know how to save a whole planet out of control like this one. Yes I am Canadian and yes it is possible Artist, Futurist knowing the cure almost all the problems of mankind and life as well as A.I. I know the way.
drcoleford Winnipeg, Manitoba @CBCNews @DeniseInCanada Again shut up CBC, you guys are like CNN. Facts you cross a border legally then expect punishment. But let me be honest the United States are harsher unlike the Canadian border because we let them in all the time and give them free homes as Canadians who are homeless get left out Linux nerd/Apoliticism/Gaming/Humanist/Computer hardware geek/Retro gamer. I have zero forks for butthurt so if you are thinking about following buckle or leave
channel_clear Planet Earth—We Are Not Alone Looks like someone got fed up with Bell and learned about Free Digital HD & SD Over-The-Air or OTA Broadcast Television. That's another Canadian who learned how to "Cut The Cord". Freedom of Choice 'Doesn't Exist' for Millions of CDNs in Apts & Condos to choose between Pay & Free Digital HD-SD OTA Broadcast TV by MATV. Live Long & Prosper

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