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donnydooley Dildo NL Canada Canadian Cancer Society is offering FREE Wills Month. Come in and get a free Will done! All they ask is that you Will your life insurance or your house & property to them at the same time! Jesus, how low will they go to get ur money! Nanny calls 'em chumps! LOL! #nlpoli #CCS You can't have 'nothin' with a Newfie!
_hannahwheatley Hello I would like to invite every single person women and men alike who oppose these infringements on reproductive rights to come be Canadian with me. We can pop free birth control together and then go for drinks since we’re not pregnant against our wills vitamin H
BruceAHeyman Chicago, IL As the former US Ambassador to Canada let me clarify. Prior to @realDonaldTrump puting hostile and harmful tariffs on Canadian steel & aluminum-more than 99% of all trade with Canada was tariff free. We can now go back to what trade was before Trump's horribly wrong tariff tax Citizen-enjoying all the privileges & embracing all the responsibilities that come with this title Former US Ambassador to Canada
MaximeBernier CANADA Liberal MP seriously proposes new kangaroo court to harass and punish citizens for thought crimes online. This government is waging an all out war against free speech. WHERE WILL IT END? Député de Beauce, chef du @ppopulaireca / Member of Parliament for Beauce, leader of the @peoplespca
ReutersVzla Venezuela Venezuelan opposition leader @jguaido spoke to Canadian PM @JustinTrudeau on Tuesday, told him he was committed to holding free and fair election as soon as possible - Statement from @JustinTrudeau's office Cuenta oficial de la corresponsalía de Reuters en Venezuela Reuters Venezuela official account
Droichead_Arts Drogheda, Stockwell Street Tying in with our BORROWEDGROUND initiative and in association with @3three45 at 7.30pm WED 5 JUNE Canadian Sound Artist/Photographer MARK TEMPLETON @fieldsawake will give a talk. This is a free event, but booking is essential #SeapointGolf #LouthChat Multi-disciplinary arts venue and gallery in Drogheda, Louth. Hosting live music, international cinema, award-winning theatre & contemporary art exhibitions.
chelscore Seattle @cciccone Fluevog also has terrible practices towards creative professionals including soliciting spec work and not paying actors/models (employees donate free time for the “privilege” of being in an ad). Disappointing that Canadian brands do this. Full-time pizza expert & Product Design Manager at Oculus, formerly Facebook, Amazon. @makefashion + @lumencouture FashionTech Founder. I like the internet.
Dukeswagger1 @TheSheepMasters @Kitten2319911 Think of it. A broken leg in the us costs something like 8 grand. What do you think a cosmetic double mastectomy would cost? Or a fake vagina? And Canadian health care isnt free as you've been possibly led to believe. Normal white Male chock full o' toxic masculinity! its always a pleasure to be blocked. Sometimes I follow the useful idiot class Proud hypocriphobe.
JohnAll63815927 @Canadian_Chris_ @HaveWeAllGoneM1 @leighgt @Ta_davy @NewImproved9 @laShawner951 @JustinSchafer1 @nemo_gratis @rossw04 @SusanIverach @Kenster0007 @heathrodgirs @BrentDgls @MarkMe60 @Danbalkwill1 @elijahfire8 @DRottiemom @ronclarkedm @UpKeeks @geoff_perry @angelo_zeppieri @brendavanmet1 @jacksurfs204 @Crazyscubadiver @GeraldGgallant @DavidWo12971740 @TerrorTrudeau @LaferriereTrina @molly6342 @gail_st @Canada64617821 @lassiter1550 @Lyndamathews25 @LideFranks @DougHawk @rgladstone @MrBobLablah @SaveRHomes @DeborahGidget @GompfRay @thetreethiefnwo @LyndaE222 @GP46822778 @hightide172 @RichNFaith4God @hllfrezenovr @darintaylor8 @Deannormanjones @Charliekuss The more people you have in your Nation who live off the tax dollar, the more voters for socialism. For ex Edmonton, the Government center for basically a resource and agriculture province elected almost entire NDP whose policies are counter productive to free enterprise & wealth Retired right wing Albertan Conservative ANTI-GLOBALIST PRO-NATIONALIST ANTI-POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND PRO-FREE SPEECH ANTI-GUN CONTROL
Irish_Eric ontario, canada @themitch06 As a Canadian the concept that free quality health care is not a right for everyone baffles me. That said advocating for the lives of the unborn seems to my liberal mind the natural course. I hate the fact there is not more positive discussions on how to help women and save lives My family is my life. Irish Football and The Leafs are my passions I am a proud Canadian, loving husband and father. Co conspirator and Longtime Ant 🐜 TESD!
TamaraAlexis Pluto Upper America Hosers Canadian Thule’s day a buy cycle race Klingon cling free wrappers wrapping sandwiches off course Soviets picnics always bring Coke a 24 And some bacon Kevin with Plutonium power average usage intergalactic trade pioneer economic world entrepreneurship able generation
Aaron_Cat_ Hamilton, Ontario, Canada @AndrewScheer We need a massive effort to help Canadian farmers with their shipments getting past customs and allowed to be sold when the product is pest free and clean. Canadian products are often of the highest quality so we need customs to understand that. Information Technology person. Microsoft Certified Professional. Outdoor enthusiast. I have schizoaffective disorder.
MedipurePharma Vancouver, British Columbia @AdamMilstein Please feel free to give us a follow. We are a Canadian company with subsidiaries in India and Croatia developing non-addictive, affordable prescription medications for pain and anxiety. We are committed to being the leader in endocannabinoid system-based drug discovery
RJC_Rick United States @OLRiveraUSMC @dbongino Dont forget the Canadian dollar was worth more than the US dollar recently. Their teachers can afford $300,000 houses over there and get free medical. Why would the US which is richer than Canada not be able to afford the same here? Good to speak about these things btw! 😀 Audio engineer, producer, Foley artist, musician.
jdolf_hamler A law banning abortion was passed in a foreign country, in a state 1,000 miles away, and I got Canadian bitches setting my tl on fire. Not only is abortion legal in Canada, it’s free. Do any of you have your duel citizenship? Can any of you influence legislation in Alabama? Piece of crap with a conscience, devils advocate. Too white for the black people, too black for the white peoples. Lost soul.
colinelmes Delta, British Columbia Please be our guests on June 7. Come support these Canadian players and a charity of your choice. Thanks in advance 👍 Join us for a free night of soccer (TSS Rovers + Parallel 49 Brewing) - CHIMP Charitable Impact Soccer Coach, owner/operator of TSS Academy in Vancouver BC, passionate/opinionated/pig headed basically a soccer pirate -now a USL League Two coach by default
iedm_montreal Montréal "Canada collected more than $1.27 billion from the retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products over the last year [...]" That's $1.27 billion less in the pockets of Canadian businesses and consumers. Free trade > protectionnism. #cdnpoli #canpoli L’IEDM est un organisme de recherche et d’éducation indépendant, non partisan et sans but lucratif. Tweets are in French and English.
masonxdoerr Hamilton, Ontario @Jacob_Lauzonis @NicKonoma @M_A_G_A45 @scrowder LMAO it does not take 7 months dude. You can get an x Ray the day after you see a doctor and an mri in less than a week. And it’s free. I’ve lived in and around the Canadian healthcare system for over 20 years. McMaster Political Science, 2021
Emilyfo04914299 oceanside This will mean the end of Canadian life as we know and it will mean a most difficult one. First to go will be free speech! Trudeau has already managed to stifle his Party and they have No voice. Who do you think is next? As for May, she is but an opportunist that is but a radical Nature girl!
SophieSKenny Montréal, Québec @vpixx is based in the Montreal region -- so I'm happy to be going to the Canadian Social in a few minutes. Feel free to come by and chat with me! Staff Scientist @VPixx Technologies. Opinions are my own.
FredVan9 Justin Trudeau is NOT a true Canadian as he and his Liberal SCUM have called us free Canadians anything but ideal citizens. @AndrewScheer @MichelleRempel @PierrePoilievre @CandiceBergenMP @fordnation @EvanLSolomon @DonMartinCTV @MercedesGlobal Retired Engineer, now enjoy travelling and investments
Ben11486471 Canada @globalnews I am so proud to be a free and open minded free thinking. CANADIAN. #Maga #jellobrainMcain #TRAITOR. #NOTMYWARHERO ...#GREATPERSON @POTUS @realDonaldTrump proudly followed by #REAL #HERO @GenFlynn and his sister @BarbaraRedgate
cattlefax Centennial, Colorado Restoring duty-free access to the Mexican and Canadian markets is a tremendous breakthrough for the U.S. #redmeat industry. #ThoughtLeader from @DroversCTN #beef #pork #trade #agexportscount #tradeworks For 50 years, CattleFax has been the global leader in beef industry research and analysis, focused on information by and for the beef industry. Become a Member!
wearewhatsdope Canada Is anyone REALLY surprised by the absolute bullcrap in the news, current state of global/ political affairs, when this, the most EPIC FINANCIAL HEIST OF ALL TIME goes UNREPORTED, UNCHECKED, and these Fing bank criminals get away SCOTT forkING FREE???!?!?! Paramedic. REAL Honkey.
SarasotaMermaid Sarasota, FL @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Liars! A deal to eliminate 25% tariffs on steel imports from Canada & Mexico. The decision will benefit manufacturing plant in Harrow, Ontario, meaning the company will now be able to ship Canadian-made pipe into the United States tariff free. earth is #1 priority ecological/environment activist human rights advocate animal rights activism
SarasotaMermaid Sarasota, FL @sdonnan @davidshepardson A deal to eliminate 25% tariffs on steel imports from Canada & Mexico. The decision will benefit manufacturing plant in Harrow, Ontario, meaning the company will now be able to ship Canadian-made pipe into the United States tariff free earth is #1 priority ecological/environment activist human rights advocate animal rights activism
J_D_Crawford York University Don't forget in one hour: 12:30-2:30 PM: Canadian Vision Social, Jasmine-Palm just off main lobby, free lunch and free beverages for first 100 Distinguished Research Professor, Canada Research Chair in Visuomotor Neuroscience, Scientific Director, Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) Program
GeorgeOrwell_US Toronto, Canada FREE SPEECH UNDER FIRE: Last month, a Canadian professor described people who consistently speak out in favor of free speech as “vile little sh*tlords” who should be fired from their jobs and harassed in public. I’m lesbian transwoman...
mikozlowski in a galaxy far, far away. . . Barry Zekelman (who is Canadian) lives like an American billionaire with Ferrari and jet and yacht and all, and (while the Trump administration is getting requests by tariff free foreign steel) he advocates for US steel from his plants in Arkansas & other states. #TuesdayThoughts CALM DOWN AND ENJOY THE RIDE
GermanyInCanada Ottawa, Canada Free talk in Montreal on #Urbanity #Sustainability #Innovation with #HafenCity Hamburg CEO at Canadian Centre for Architecture @ccawire on May 27. Details: The Communication & Culture Team of the German Embassy presents the best of Germany in Canada. Legal notice:
delissio Canada @DawnaB3 Hi Donna, we have other flavours including 4 Cheese, Canadian, Deluxe and 3 Meat. Feel free to visit our website for more info: Thank you It's not delivery... it's DELISSIO🍕 C'est pas du resto... c'est DELISSIO! House rules:| Règlement intérieur :
sometimesdyl | indy | ftm | he/him | might fork around and move to Toronto and become a Canadian citizen so i can transition for free It's my world you're just living in it
vistayorku Toronto, Ontario Meet @yorkuniversity researchers, post-docs and trainees at the 12:30pm Canadian Vision Social in Palm/Jasmine @VSSMtg (It's a free lunch and you don't have to be Canadian to attend!) #VSS2019 #Scholarships #visionresearch #visionscience Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA). Advancing vision science in health, computer science, digital media and more @YorkUniversity. Funded by @CFREF_APOGEE
HKTDC_Toronto Toronto, ON Useful reference for Canadian companies: Hong Kong pursues a free trade policy and does not maintain barriers on trade. There are no restrictions on the right of operating the import and export of goods -- just some simple regulations and clearance procedures to follow. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council helps businesses navigate a world of new opportunities through Hong Kong. Connect with our office in Toronto.
MrValvetronix Québec, Canada @SpeakerPelosi Take a second and have a look at what Canadian are doing. Healthcare should be free. Tant que j'ai deux pouces et de l'internet, tout va bien.
StStephenOCSB Stittsville Olympic Champion Erica Wiebe is hosting a free evening for kids 8-11. Kids can learn about the sport of wrestling. They will be inspired by a great Canadian ambassador and proud home town athlete! Official Twitter Account for St. Stephen School. An @OttCatholicSB elementary school in Stittsville. Tweets by Principal Bob Santos.
NSAshill Area 51 Duty Free store in China made a big deal out of my passport being Canadian and me having a US credit card. They’re all watching, man. Everyone there works for the state. Secretary-General of 🤡🌎 United Nations - Standing by to accept the tender of your unconditional surrender.
Christi64703758 Canada @matthewasears Shut up you hateful twit. Keeping Canadian culture from being flushed down the toilet by uncontrolled immigration and a Communist leader doesnt make one a Nazi. Typical of idiots like you who hate those who support free speech and yet you think its acceptable to harass us...... Christian, on fire for Jesus! LUCIFER IS FEMALE! The Holy ghost is female and the true Queen of Heaven. MARRIED 👫 God bless Israel! ✡️ Dont waste my time trolls
Baoziyou What the Canadian farmers suffered from CCP's bullies have alerted Us farmers. They understand that it is more important to have a fair and free trade in the future than a short term deal with CCP now.
lawyersdailyca Canada Try a 2-week free trial giving full access to The Lawyer's Daily = Canadian legal news, in-depth #SCC coverage, expert analysis, case digests, business of law, legal tech and job moves published daily. Canadian legal news, in-depth SCC coverage, expert analysis, case digests, business of law, legal tech and job moves published daily. RTs are not endorsements.
steresource @StStephenOCSB Olympic Champion Erica Wiebe is hosting a free evening for kids 8-11. Kids can learn about the sport of wrestling. They will be inspired by a great Canadian ambassador and proud home town athlete! Please see the event link below. Acadia alumnus 👨‍🎓proud wife and mother
JuicyJackson_JJ @Internetchilla @camshai @bopinion He is a Canadian, and knows how free health care actually is. Hempfield '20
DougBrinkman Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #AbLeg Canadian Press Dean Bennett denies press access to #NDP #UCP Camera Captures 2018 Assaults while #Abpoli news picketing Active Citizen News, Free News Sharing and Social Artistry: Press Pass Picket and 9 Afghanistan boys to greet ... 🌿civil information activist, husband, father, grandfather, cousin, brother, son, uncle and friend.
BurlOnLibrary Burlington, Ontario Canada Canadian Citizenship Test: Get Ready! Learn how to apply for citizenship and practice taking the test during this one-day class. To attend, please call HMC Connections at 905.464.3222. Free. Central | Fri May 31 | 10am-1pm Details: “Engaging Burlington in building 21st century literacies, lifelong learning, and community connections.” // To speak with a staff member, call 905.639.3611
TWiMobility Berlin, Germany Canadian marketing agency Wunder converts 100 parking meters into a marketing campaign. Citizens get free parking for the day and the city makes triple what they would normally make on an average day. By @zwoodford via @TorontoStar #Marketing #FreeParking Global trends in moving humans from A to B. Our newsletter (50%+ open rate) is a quick & fun weekly read. Handmade by @abarba • #transportation #mobility #MaaS
Sarah76274126 @KosPatricia @manueljoyner @LilaGraceRose I'm Canadian we have abortion AND gov't paid year maternity leave....I don't know anyone who's aborted nor do I hear of child torture/murder cases like (daily) in the USA....we are free to manage our lives and supported either choice...liberating, eh?!
DellTechCanada London, Ontario Free Webinar - CCCR vs. CPSC: Canadian vs. US Consumer Labeling - Join our Product Safety team June 19th to learn more about the differences in consumer labeling between Canada and The United States. Experts in Product Safety, Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Health & Safety, and Chemical Testing.
JR42989296 British Columbia @LegendaryEnergy @friendlyfaith89 President Trump I am just your average guy in Canada average loyal Canadian and I love Canada as much as I love America. You and I both know that what I’m saying is right and I can’t understand why everyone in Canada and United States and in the free world can’t see that. A husband to my beautiful wife and a father to my three children. land developer and entrepreneur
mviktoro @jeffwilsontech I’m actually Bulgarian-Canadian! But I follow US politics and have a bunch of friends down in the states I went to college with so I visit when I can. Feel free to DM :) business mermaid | analyst, scientist, writer, collector of hobbies | all opinions my own | instagram: @mthvkg 🇨🇦🇧🇬

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