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BruceAHeyman Chicago, IL As the former US Ambassador to Canada let me clarify. Prior to @realDonaldTrump puting hostile and harmful tariffs on Canadian steel & aluminum-more than 99% of all trade with Canada was tariff free. We can now go back to what trade was before Trump's horribly wrong tariff tax Citizen-enjoying all the privileges & embracing all the responsibilities that come with this title Former US Ambassador to Canada
jkenney Alberta, Canada Fantastic, on-point analysis by a very smart man: Mac Van Wielengen. “Canada’s energy policy, and its increasingly fact-free discourse, demands a rethink” Premier of Alberta. Focused on getting Alberta back to work.
charlesadler Canada I agree with you Penny. So many countries offer free tuition. Canada is behind the curve on this one. Saddling students with debt on an undergrad degree is something that someday will be seen as backward and counterproductive to the student and the rest of us. Emmy & RTDNA Lifetime achievement award winner. Hosting Charles Adler Tonight- National talk show-Global News Radio Network
cbweir Saint John, NB, Canada Our wellbeing goes beyond our physical health – at home and at work. Happy to be part of @EYCanada, where cognitive behavioural therapy is now available for free. #GetLoud Gen X; Married; two children; Love sports and the outdoors
upfromthesea Toronto, Ontario @Forbes enjoyed article nought much on drug trafficking pushing news networks advertising though say no to drugs let us manipulating l-fields triggering mechanisms fate and free will. fuddle duddle dud dude camp x canada male
99majesticseal undisclosed @charlesadler Saudi Arabia provides free education. Canada could as well if those in power went to bat for the oil and gas industry. A rational voice in the wilderness. Not politically correct.
BeyondGC2020 Four students, in charge of their own learning, and free to make mistakes. What happens? Join @PowerPlayYE,Dr @SarahLubik,and @amymifflinsills for a panel on why Mindset Matters at the #GC2020 Fair @CanadasNAC on May 22! Official Account of Beyond 2020 (Government of Canada). Terms of Use: En français : @AuDelaGC2020 #GC2020
CBCAlerts Toronto Feds set to unveil Canada's digital strategy. Elements to include more user control over personal data, portability, and methods to keep platforms free of hate and violent extremism. Breaking national and international news alerts from CBC News, Canada's TV, radio, online and social media news leader.
CitImmCanada Canada Pablo Listingart started ComIT with the goal of training Winnipeg’s under-employed for free, and helping them find jobs in the tech sector. Watch why #ImmigrationMatters for jobs and Canada’s IT industry: #CollisionConf Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) – formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). (Terms: -Français:@CitImmCanFR
Gunjanwitty Toronto, Canada @imShariqueRizvi In countries like Canada or Norwegian countries , taxes are very steep. But the benefits you get are immense. Like emergency services and free health care. So taxes still hurt but a little less Cancer researcher. Fighting the fight for terminal patients coz there is no fight left in them.. Wanna Ask something?Try at
NewsSheridan Oakville/Mississauga/Brampton Only 2⃣days until Voices of South Asia at our Hazel McCallion Campus! Join us on May 23 for an evening to celebrate and recognize the contributions of Canada's South Asian community. The event is free and open to the public. We hope you can make it! Info: Official account of Sheridan’s Communications/Public Affairs team. Keeping you informed about news and events important to the Sheridan community.
AliceCa77365811 Detroit, MI @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Honestly Tariffs ARE needed, they force the companies in China to sell us better products rather than crap. Mexico and Canada however, they SHOULD have free trade we're all on the same continent. Huge Manatees are overrated.
SMONTEZ99 San Antonio, TX @RealTomPetrini The only reason Kawhi would stay in Canada is if his leg is really forked up and he wanted to take advantage of the free healthcare.
RJC_Rick United States @OLRiveraUSMC @dbongino Dont forget the Canadian dollar was worth more than the US dollar recently. Their teachers can afford $300,000 houses over there and get free medical. Why would the US which is richer than Canada not be able to afford the same here? Good to speak about these things btw! 😀 Audio engineer, producer, Foley artist, musician.
jdolf_hamler A law banning abortion was passed in a foreign country, in a state 1,000 miles away, and I got Canadian bitches setting my tl on fire. Not only is abortion legal in Canada, it’s free. Do any of you have your duel citizenship? Can any of you influence legislation in Alabama? Piece of crap with a conscience, devils advocate. Too white for the black people, too black for the white peoples. Lost soul.
mwahabms77 Try TextNow - I got a free phone number with unlimited texting and calling to USA & Canada! Download it from
Naxcoso Rokkenjima Yesterday was a good day because I finally got to confess my feelings to my high school crush Not doing it when I had the chance was one of the biggest regrets I had in life and I'm so happy to be free from it She's in Canada rn but we can see each other again when she's back Chisato Fortnite
DestroyerFap Canada 🇨🇦 @pewdiephi Nice to meet ya mate! 1. Real name classified cause I wanna keep gender and face a mystery 2. Canada/greatest country/true north strong and free 3. 9 year old since 2010 4. Born before 2000 and after 1990 Pewdiepie is God, and I am his prophet. Join me, brothers and sisters, in worship of the ONE TRUE GOD!
NEIN_HAYIR_NA @vvanwilgenburg And Turkey not the most reliable country to really send them to Canada. They'd probably free the Jihadists and claim they never got them. NEIN zur Alleinherrschaft von Erdogan! Freiheit für alle politischen Gefangenen, insbesondere für HDP-Abgeordnete & Journalisten!
ispocanada Did you know we are hosting the ISPO AGM and Social Event at RehabWeek? All ISPO, OPC, and AOPA members are welcome! Get your free ticket here: Canadian branch of the International Society for Orthotics and Prosthetics. Join us today!
towardtheheart Bevel Up (2007) has been relaunched by The National Film Board of Canada. Available for free along with a teaching guide, it offers offers valuable lessons for students, instructors and health care providers. #harmreduction @bevelup @thenfb We supply BC's harm reduction needs. We also endeavour to be a hub of prevention 4 HIV HCV and all drug-related harms. #harmreduction #overdose
DavidCBarron Brampton Ontario @US4FarmerFamily #CNN #washingtonpost #FoxAndFriends Promoting free trade/fair trade between Mexico, The US and Canada is a very big deal. #USMCA Time to move towards ratification. #FreeTrade #Canada I worked at Canada Post for years and now I'm retired. Interested in writing, blogging, UFOs, baseball, exercise, trivia, poker and mysticism.
Bella_Maas Sherwood Park / St Albert, AB Hello Leopard - Just in from Brunette The Label , the BLONDE or BRUNETTE Leopard Crew. Limited quantities and they won't last long! Shop here: to snag yours or call to hold - Local Pickup available & Free Shipping in Canada with orders over $150 xo Offering up the hottest styles & fashion trends within a comfortable shopping atmosphere #shpk #stalbert
DelightfulDrD @phyllisj1003 Spoiler Alert: The entire free world is feeling like this. #DerangedDonald is destroying the America we used to know and it’s standing in the world. Who ever thought that Canada would be declared a National Security Risk to the US. Seriously, Canada! #ImpeachNow 🇨🇦 Canadian🇨🇦 political junkie, love the Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors,Trump not at all, "I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it."
tleehumphrey Calgary, Alberta Pure fantasy land thinking, one thing got this deal done. Trudeau was finally convinced to set up a monitoring committee to end the Chinese practice of dumping cheap and inferior steel in Canada, rebranding it and selling it in the US duty free under NAFTA. The rest is noise. Veteran, Founder of Veterans For The Conservative Party of Canada, President of JAMES International Security Consulting, Proudly Canadian
AllWall_Inc Las Vegas, NV This week only, save $44 on the Renegade 4’ Portable Light Duty Scaffolding, ONLY on the #FREE All-Wall App! This deal is ONLY available on our Free All-Wall App! Download yours today here and act fast as this offer ends 5/26/19! US/Canada only. All-Wall Equipment Company, Inc. Your Drywall Tools Superstore. We have the largest inventory of drywall tools and tool parts anywhere.
Geminiskin1 North Hollywood, Los Angeles All items are The Arbonne Advantage is rooted in our history and validated by our formulation standards of vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free.#unitedstates#canada#poland#arbonne #cleanproducts#Skin care… Makeup Artist #Rhinestone & BEADING Designer for Pageants and Fashion Shows. #FollowBack #TEAMGemini #ULTA#Skin Care FOLLOW ME ON PERISCOPE#YouTube #geminiskin1
martylivingston Vancouver, B.C. A well-rounded argument on why Canada's #energy policy needs a rethink. #cndpoli Corporate communications consultant. Inventive curry chef. Carbon-based life form. Made in Canada.
SeanMaxwell Anywhere I need to be AllCanadianRadio @AllCanadianRadi Free #Radio Service for #CanadianArtists brought to you by @CanadianBeats1 and @Canadianmusicro / A&R @ Ontario, Canada Internationally Published Professional #Photographer, #Videographer, #Actor in @DeadlandMovie #Model, Twitter #Promotions
DragonToothApp Canada Dental Assisting Temp opportunities in London, Ontario and many other cities across Canada. Check them all out when you sign up for FREE with DragonTooth #dentalassistant #dentalassisting #dentalassistantlife #dental #odaa #ontariodentalassistantsassociation #canadiandental DragonTooth to an app to help assist in finding Dental Temps and Dental Jobs FAST all across Canada.
egyptrebellion Red Sea, Egypt I'm using TextNow to text and call USA & Canada for Free! Signup at “we don't value the norms.”
iedm_montreal Montréal "Canada collected more than $1.27 billion from the retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products over the last year [...]" That's $1.27 billion less in the pockets of Canadian businesses and consumers. Free trade > protectionnism. #cdnpoli #canpoli L’IEDM est un organisme de recherche et d’éducation indépendant, non partisan et sans but lucratif. Tweets are in French and English.
John_M_Santos San Francisco, CA Try TextNow - I got a free phone number with unlimited texting and calling to USA & Canada! Download it from Rainbow Lover, Postmates Enthusiast, Everyday is a New Day.
ChewRose60 Nigeria Try out @Dingtone - great FREE calling and texting app. #Canada #DancingBrasil ibracomss
KAreYouSerious Canada (and Western World) Want to give thanks and praise? Begin with Daddy Trudeau, work your way along path to Jihadi Justin. They want descendants of colonizers to suffer. Loss of culture, impediment of Christian faith, free speech shut-down on all dissenters. REMINDER TO LEFTIE SOCIALISTS: Your 'Fair Share' is not in my wallet! TRUDEAU IS AN IDIOT BOY! 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧🇩🇪🇸🇪 #PPC2019 #BernierNation
OmYahya84268488 @rahaf84427714 Stop telling lies !!! ... we saudi women have a very luxury happy life ..we love our fathers,brothers and husbands .. and we are free .. dooooo notttt talk like u r one of us !!!! We in KSA ❤ and u in Canada .. 5 years and u ll be alone homeless lesbian . ربنا لا تؤاخذنا ان نسينا او اخطأنا 💖
SteveFyfe Canada @manny_ottawa @ezralevant Trudeau(s) have an agenda of dishonesty. With strong, documented links to totalitarian causes worldwide, PET and JT have been undermining and eliminating rights and freedoms in Canada. Parental, free speech, self-defense rights and morality bad, terrorists good under Trudeaus.
RedSandyland @Eric_Budgell64 @AndrewScheer @CPC_HQ Andy's Cons & Co. (the new name for Canada once conservatives have fed & prov. majority and write a new constitution) will create a new empire for the people. All members of the ruling class will live free and not need wages. All wants & wishes will be granted. Go where you want. I'll find my way home.
CCAceliac Mississauga, Ontario On May 24th, join leaders in research, industry, clinical and patient advocacy for an interactive day delving into the big challenges facing celiac disease and gluten intolerance in Canada. For complete schedule and how to attend visit: Cdn Celiac Association: the national voice 4 people adversely affected by gluten. RTs may ≠ endorsement. On parle français.
AngryPassenger5 @MoucheBaseball @bbclaurak Hahaha. In the period since we voted to leave its signed a free trade deal with japan and Canada. Who have we signed with? Cook Islands! Bonus. [No purpose...🤣]
asi_canada Canada Our #LondonUK #Masterclass is an incredible educational opportunity in #sustainable business. This July, you can gain international #thoughtleadership from @volansjohn and others ... free! Building a new profession of managers and leaders for a low-carbon and socially-just economy
AutomateCanada Winds FREE June 10th dinner and Roundtable event!!!!! sponsored by St Clair College and Alumni for you and your company to meet with OEM’s and government officials from Canada and India. To register for this event click: Automate Canada leads & advocates for the Canadian automation industry, assisting and promoting our members.
JohnBeechy Toronto, On. Canada @CPC_HQ when u think of the Harper years and the deficits.. ad how the PCs always want to sell off Govt assets like the Sears company did. and Harper could have saved all the pensioners in sears canada.. but free mkts and Leverage buyouts R more ambitious to him. ayn rand is not a god
anythingbutdem California @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump That sounds like NAFTA, which we already had. Unless this agreement is one sentence ("there is now free, unfettered, and untaxed trade between the US, Canada, and Mexico"), then this has been a waste of time, resources, political capital, and taxpayer dollars. I still support due process. I still support the rule of law. I still support free trade.
SarasotaMermaid Sarasota, FL @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Liars! A deal to eliminate 25% tariffs on steel imports from Canada & Mexico. The decision will benefit manufacturing plant in Harrow, Ontario, meaning the company will now be able to ship Canadian-made pipe into the United States tariff free. earth is #1 priority ecological/environment activist human rights advocate animal rights activism
elijahfire8 @KieserBill @LisaMar91564392 Canada has a 150 years problem since confederation we never got free from the Queen and that will never happen unless there is a war or revelation of some kind here, but hows that gonna happen? more poeple love the commie marxist socialist BS than hate the deck is stacked Then you call on the name of your god & I will call on the name of the LORD and the God who answers by fire He is God & all the people said That is a good idea
SarasotaMermaid Sarasota, FL @sdonnan @davidshepardson A deal to eliminate 25% tariffs on steel imports from Canada & Mexico. The decision will benefit manufacturing plant in Harrow, Ontario, meaning the company will now be able to ship Canadian-made pipe into the United States tariff free earth is #1 priority ecological/environment activist human rights advocate animal rights activism
Academicsummer London, England It’s #competition time! We’ve teamed up with @theladymagazine to #giveaway two #free places at #summercamp in the #UK or #Canada for one week this year, worth £1450 each. For details and to enter go to by 24 May. Ts&Cs apply. #win #prize @Academicsummer, #summerschool for students aged 7 - 12, 13 - 18; and adults (20+) runs in July and August. Located in #London, #Cambridge and #Bristol
Aksimity Houston, TX 77077 Try TextNow - I got a free phone number with unlimited texting and calling to USA & Canada! Download it from Hi guy and thanks for looking, I'm Prince Akintunde Ayinde from Houston TX trying this out and see how it goes. Let's mingle people...
JosephGG Marietta, Georgia @carolinekere @richardkagoe @flyethiopian The idea of needing a National Airline is just an ego building exercise.(That all countries participate in) Such a waste of funds, time, and human talent. Does Zim, Kenya, Canada, Peru really need an airline? No. With complete free skys even the US would loose 2 airlines.

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