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TarekFatah Toronto, Ontario In France, even Muslims have had it with Islamists. About time. Muslims in UK, Canada & US too shld unlock their shackles & free themselves from the grip of Islamists, often their own children born in the West but poisoned by Jew and Hindu hating Islamists Twice imprisoned by successive military regimes in Pakistan; Author, "The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State"; Columnist, TorontoSun; Fellow @MEForum
CapcomStore San Francisco, CA [US, Canada] Finally the Brute Wyvern 🔥GLAVENUS🔥 is returning to Iceborne, and also as a FIGURINE! Feel free to tell us what your favorite returning monster is in Iceborne! 😎 Pre-Order to ✨Iceborne Figurine Bundle✨ now! The official Capcom Store USA, featuring games, merch, exclusive offers and more!
PierrePaulHus Québec Trudeau doesn’t want to talk about the fact that violent gangsters are walking free under his broken system. Canada’s Conservatives have a plan for a safer Canada where gun-toting criminals stay behind bars where they belong. Député fédéral / M..P. Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles. Ministre du cabinet fantôme pour la Sécurité publique. Shadow Minister for Public Safety.
kiki_cliff Nova Scotia, Canada. @weeki1 @PaulObrienUSA Funny how so many countries manage to give free healthcare to everyone including their seniors. How DO we manage it in places like Canada and the UK? We must be miracle workers! Animal loving, lefty, feminist Brit. A potter, knitter & accordion player. Will follow you back unless you’re a craphead. I don't want to see your boobs 🐘
Cryptojunkie4 When they try to mock you but its free advertisement for group. Reee Muh ob muh spf 500 muh breaker muh liquidity. Muh fake asterisk championship. Muh kwahi said Toronto and Canada pleb compared to LA no one wants to live there. Reeeee Old Frog. Lived through 90s tech bubble and 09 crash. Avid trader. Decades of experience in the tech sector for Fortune 500 companies.
retail_recruit I mute with reckless abandon. #INTJ Mr. Bernier forgets SNC is a global company: JWR dithered on prosecutorial timelines allowing the courts to set free the criminal VP> also Bernier: 9000 Canadians families + vendors and manufacturers across Canada depend on SNC - not Quebec. Gaslighting again. Small L liberal. 🇨🇦 Int'l Politics/ History pro. Still a fashionista in cosmopolitan #Montréal-snark, progressive, festivals, culture, art, fashion #Philotimo
Howler871 If anyone or any business need help moving freight please feel free to inbox me the company I work for we specialize in moving freight to Canada and USA . We have flat and step decks .
refurbio What does our customers think of our products? Read the latest review by W. K. via @yotpo Quality Refurbished Laptops & Desktops for the US & Canada. Buy Refurbished: Savings & Sustainability! #refurb
LSU_PI That won’t stop democrats wanting to give out free everything. It’s why people with the resources come to the US for medical care. Bernie “Canada has free healthcare” He doesn’t tell you the wait to see a nurse is weeks and they decide if you can see a Dr in many more weeks. Conservative from the south, love my country and will defend it. Qanon wwg1wga follow Q and POTUS
AJLelievre13 Canada @TeamYouTube I have Premium. Ads on YT for the last week, playlists on Play Music rearranging, YT Music and Play Music songs and playlists vanishing. I live in Canada. I went to the US on Aug. 12 and I had no Premium features there at all. I'd like this month of Premium for free. Sharing goodness with the world day by day. HUGE @DisneyZootopia fan 🐰🦊! I wanna see Rio 🇧🇷! Proud Canadian & LGBTQ+ supporter. YouTuber.
TradeON Ontario, Canada Free trade agreements reduce or eliminate tariffs on goods traded between countries – which means exporting to countries that have an FTA with Canada can be easier! Goods and service providers can both benefit. #ontarioexports An official account of the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. Terms of use En français: @CommerceON
MathMeadowvale Mississauga, Ontario Teachers can get a free subscription to the Calm app—it usually costs $60 and it appears to be eligible for teachers in Canada too #mississauga #meadowvale #lisgar #peelfam #peelproud
dannywtm Short Pump, VA @rominabina Not to my knowledge. You get free coverage in the US Canada and Mexico with T-Mobile One VCU
unrealMarkTynan @jimmy19899 @LeaveEUOfficial There's already an EU free-trade agreement with Canada. And Japan too. America isn't a country, it's a continent. You meant the USA, I'm sure the 'Great Deal Maker' will see you OK India? Average income $1670 in 2016, ranked 112th out of 164 countries by the World Bank Muppet. Funny, man.
GemmaNoon Alberta @m_older please feel free to reach out if I can help at all. I'm an immigrant to Canada myself and I'm happy to support anyone trying to make the move here. Let's just agree that I'm right and move on, shall we? She/Her
QCollar_Canada We have a free Selects Skills Camp double feature this weekend in Saskatchewan! We’ll be in Weyburn on Friday and Estevan on Saturday with @SaskSelectsFB. Register now for Weyburn at and Estevan at The Q-Collar helps protect the brain from sports-related impacts. The Q-Collar may not be suitable for everyone. Always read and follow the directions for use.
4cminews **2019 AUG 06 Canada: Motion 103, free speech and Islamophobia in Canada** HASHTAG: #PoliticalIslam, #PoliticalIslamXX, #Islamophobia, #MuslimBrotherhood, #SilenceCriticismIslamic 4CM seeks to inform, encourage, broaden your horizon and understanding to Yesterday Today and the World coming. Shedding Light in Dark Places
ScottMacWade @wackyjackie12 Well, move to my country of birth, Canada, the country liberals love to tout, always claim they will move there, but don't. What's wrong, the requirement of an ID to vote, a merit system for new immigrants, or the restrictions on free speech and self-defense (beyond guns)?
PrevInEurope Europe, Europe @bassdeere @scrowder @realDonaldTrump In Canada a government health card is a valid form of voter ID, which is free. You can also have someone vouch for you. The proponents of voter ID laws in the US frequently suggest using drivers licences and/or passports, both of which cost money and not everyone who can vote has Podcast recorded across Europe about policy, politics and previous events
DavidCBarron Brampton Ontario @CNN @washingtonpost @nytimes @foxandfriends #NAFTA at work, now called #USMCA good for #UnitedStates and #Canada. It's great to have the #steeltariffs gone. This could happen with world trade as well. #Tariffs #TradeWars Free trade and free enterprise. I worked at Canada Post for years and now I'm retired. Interested in writing, blogging, UFOs, baseball, exercise, trivia, poker and mysticism.
Iwalewa22 Ogun, Nigeria Use @Dingtone to call and text for free! #Canada #DancingBrasil Dairy of a beautiful nurse
CoNautics Elegant, versatil and unique. ..check out our link in the bio for the perfect wrist accessory! 👆 ✈️ 🗺 FREE shipping to Canada and the US 📬 📦 Constantin Nautics is a fashion accessories brand fueled by a passion for water sport. We feature handmade accessories, made from genuine nautical ropes.
europeanameric1 Boston, Massachusetts APRIL in PARIS Two Departures in 2020: April 17 - 24 and April 24 -31 from $1599 per person (including airfare) / 855-692-7422 (toll-free USA & Canada)
MajidJowhari Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada It was a pleasure meeting with Pastor Abbs from the Richmond Hill Free Methodist Church, and the two Canada Summer Jobs Program youth employees, Tiffany and Michelle. The change in the attestation this year allows more organizations to take part in the CSJ Program! Member of Parliament for Richmond Hill. Founder & Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Mental Health Caucus.
Tealangel56 Oklahoma This man/couple sells gems and rocks online from Canada. They are AWESOME! He also offers folks to come join their health and meditation group, for free! The $$$ rates between US and Canada: US dollar is... Older & Wiser
LauraVanGent2 JUST The Beginning of the TRUTH , how about financing global terrorism? giving Enemy of Canada 10.5 million. Censoring All FREE Speech and Promoting islam. This Is GOD'S Nation. Q sent me
AskDylanB All over the place... That was fun! Thanks for joining us today for #StartupChats with @Startup_Canada and @canadapostcorp - as always, if you have more question or need some advice, feel free to #AskDylan @ProResultsGroup President of @ProResultsGroup | Author | Speaker | #Business and #Marketing Expert. #AskDylan #InYourBusiness | Love #music, #fashion, #sports and #socks
redbonfire Ontario, Canada @Huawei_Canada We’d rather you helped free Canadians being held in #China prisons and by all trustworthy reports being tortured. Canadian landscape historian, Man United supporter, Free Tibet activist, worships at the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
JOC_Canada Vancouver, B.C. 📲 Sign up to get top headlines and thought leadership, delivered weekly right to your inbox - for free: Since 1911, the Journal of Commerce (JOC) has been Western Canada’s most trusted construction industry resource.
SexyPlusClothin mississauga, canada Offering elegant to dramatic accessories for any look 💎📿 Tap to shop and visit our website for price and details. . . FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 to Canada and USA! / Worldwide… Sexy, sophisticated, affordable #plussize fashions. Int'l online shipping + boutique in #Mississauga.
IntTradeCouncil Brussels, Belgium Canada "MacDougall Steel Erectors, designs steel construction solutions & are leaders in their industry. They aim to serve clients with accountability and leading-edge technology. Minister Carr talks about how 🇨🇦’s free trade agreements can help them… The voice of business. Follows, links and retweets are not endorsements- rather signposts to interesting thinking or reading.
WallCrouton @Spotify Also also, what happened to "listen to this ad to get 30 minutes of ad free music" or whatever. Now I listen to 3 songs and get 3 ads in a row, and one is for damn Dairy Farmers of Canada. Not even trying to sell anything, just letting me know they're nice to cows. I usually post about video games. Call me Dooz. Photography: @SmirkDog_Photo
FairbankEloise Montreal Any recent graduates looking for a faculty position? Concordia is hiring! Feel free to share in your networks! #phdchat #phdlife #AcademicChatter See the link below: MA Clinical Psychology student. Developmental health psychology enthusiast. Concordia University. Optimist. Foodie. Opinions are my own.
eriizuuu [CHECK THREAD FOR PICS AND VIDEOS!] mercedes, edelgard, dimitri, hilda and sylvain fe3h charms! 2" with a holographic effect when it moves! $13 each. FREE shipping. US & CANADA. DM to buy. Money towards when I leave abusive family. $50 for entire set! #fireemblemthreehouses 🌱 17 • hiya im kady I draw sometimes •no reposts
Tanglefreewater Canada #Ontario looks to be making it easier for Canadians to fish by doubling the amount of licence free fishing events. More fishing = more line just remember to #recycle at one of our "Tangle-less" bins 😉 #fishing #canada #environment Our mission is to inform people about the dangers of plastic pollution in our waters and create solutions to enable communities to recycle instead of pollute!
AFSC_AB Lacombe, Alberta There's only three days left to sign up to attend one of our lending market focus groups. Sessions are taking place in Leduc, Falher, Vermilion, Camrose, Rocky View and Lethbridge. Sign up today - - to ensure your spot! #ABag #AFSClending Providing risk-management services and products for Alberta producers. Monitored M-F, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
JustinHartzman Toronto, Ontario We’d love for you to check out @CoinSmartCa, so we’re going to give you $15 in free crypto with your first deposit. Head to: to register and get your free offer. #StartUpChats #BuyBitcoinCanada #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin @canadapostcorp @Startup_Canada CEO and Co-founder @coinsmartca. Veteran entrepreneur, Internet visionary and reality tv addict.
ComeAsYouAreCo Toronto, Canada Move over, bro sleeve! Check out the brand new Shotpocket silicone pleasure sleeve from @ftmpitstop ! Super soft, super simple, and made right here in Canada for #guyslikeus . In stock now (and we’ll even send you one of these tote bags for free if you pick one up) Worker-owned. Anti-capitalist. Consensus-based. Feminist. Voted Toronto's best sex shop since '97. See also:
thegcb The Interwebs Making pulled pork today: Free invitation to come over and have some. GCB Mini Meet: Canada, Pulled Pork Edition the best board on IGN, no questions asked. #IGN #TheGCB
SpringLawFirm Toronto, Ontario Canada has just passed a new law to strengthen accessibility for people with a disability in federally regulated workplaces and organizations. #Disability #EmployerResources #HumanRights #WorkplacePolicies We are a virtual law firm focusing on workplace legal issues for employers and executives.
PhillCurley Atlantic Canada Ask anyone in Canada that “study’s this” and they’ll say it’s just that university isn’t free 🤔 @HotSpotcities CEO - Enginear - Had a Podcast... need to start again - full time dog wrangler - Firm believer we all take twitter to serious.
_SoccerDad_ Right Here, Right Now But remember, #Canada is a free country!! This hogwash phrase to excuse apathy and laziness gets real lame real fast. #cdnpoli #Ontario #onpoli Pragmatic dreamer. Family, friends & freedom rule. Advocate for monetary system reform. Apolitical, Rothbardian Libertarian if you must assign. RT != agree.
DebWarr12073237 Maui - patriot @IlhanMN we are not Paris...we are not Spain...we are not Canada...we are not Turkey...we are not Afghanistan ...we are not all of the other countries ‘Sharia’ has invaded. USA is the only country in the world founded to be free. Take your oppressive scarf-faux religion and leave Christian Constitutionalist & love my husband.From revolutionary war,civil war,2 WW’s, Korea & Vietnam, family have been warriors & now war 4 soul of the nation
WayneBrent1 Try TextNow - I got a free phone number with unlimited texting and calling to USA & Canada! Download it from I'm a loving husband and father that tries to take care of his family
AB_Students Get free sexual health resources for individuals and organizations across Canada: Powered by Aboriginal Link®, this highly specialized education portal is fully-dedicated to assisting Aboriginal Students - Since 1999
BarclayEdu Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Applying to @CityUniLondon from Canada? As a recognized agent of City University of London @BarclayEdu provides free application assistance. Contact us to find out about all of their excellent programs and #learn and #live in #london! We can help you study in the UK, France, Ireland and Germany or make the most of your education here in Canada!
floydtoulet Over here. No. Here. The tipping point has officially tipped and the world is in free fall. Tall. Bald. Bitter. Writes things.
PeterVogel Vancouver BC Canada Last call! If you pay for Google One storage, this deal is for you. A free Google Home Mini ( pay $5 or so for shipping). And yes, this is a deal here, in Canada! Journalist: Internet/digital life/media columnist. Teacher: ICT/Physics/ Astronomy/Meteorology. PM & Premier's SciTech awards, CAP 2011. CERN/HST. VE7AFV CN89
thecryptodefen1 Sathon, Bangkok @BorisJohnson Let's start by free trade and movement with Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Nancy Pelosi can bugger off back to crocked Hilary's back pocket. #Canzuk #Freetrade #freemovement Get started on Binance with this ref link:
SassyODaisy Minnesota, USA @CetaceanFreedom @jeffrey_mcnab One of my aunts has been stuck in that era since the 70s. She would help her guy friends cross the border with Canada to avoid the draft. She's still a free spirit & people think she's kooky and weird but I love her regardless. She has this unique ability to know when I need her. A Democrat & a liberal woman w/ a bleeding ❤ that will always Resist. Insist & Persist. 👊 🌊 👊

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