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MaximeBernier CANADA Half of Canadians think abortion should be prohibited in 3rd trimester unless the mother is in danger. This is the case in every civilized country except Canada. I personally think so too. PPC has no official position but would allow debate and free vote by MPs. Chef du @ppopulaireca / Leader of the @peoplespca
AndrewScheer Canada Canada’s Conservatives are focused on being the party of fiscal responsibility and we will stand up for you. Today, our Conservative caucus met to discuss our plans, going into this minority Parliament, to make sure the Liberals don’t get a free pass. Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and Leader of the Official Opposition | Chef des conservateurs du Canada et chef de l’Opposition officielle
insideclimate Everywhere The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is a cornucopia of free-trade provisions for oil and gas companies. One environmentalist calls it “a climate failure any way you look at it.” Pulitzer Prize-winning, non-profit, non-partisan newsroom dedicated to covering climate, energy and the environment. Our newsletter:
kristen_x5 Colorado, USA @MichaelSteele While I agree with your statement. I think we lost the title “leader of the free world”. We aren’t the leader anymore. We have pissed off Canada...Canada. @realDonaldTrump is mocked worldwide. And he is trying to become a dictator, so “free” is also going away. From Michigan and Arizona but, Colorado is my home.
READY2MIX Petition · Advocate and introduce legislation promoting the free movement of citizens between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand · Most comments I make are definitely & defiantly shared by others, I make them as me and no organisation controls my opinions or what I say.
drnothankyou Calgary @_holmes_holmes The cool thing about Canada is that they do this check for free on your 13th birthday. The not cool thing is that they keep all found treasure and re-distribute it among the electorate. It's all politics
ThomasLCooke Boston @GerryCallahan What is the Deficit this year, from handing out free stuff to the Farmers ? All because of some tariffs set in place on China and Canada because of National Emergency of agricultural product trade and aluminum and steel products impacting an over inflated National Defense Budget Old
Josephodriscoll @bencorke @markstraffellis @nixseaman @SteveBarclay You’re talking nonsense We have Preferential Trade Agreements and Free Trade Agreements with a host of countries (eg. Canada, New Zealand) because of our membership of the EU These cease when we leave. If those countries can sell to us tariff free why would they lower theirs? Traffic Warden (from 21 November 2012) Came, Saw & Conquered an Elementary Force...Right handed & Proud of it...
CciJonathan @caelinnis @shadow80y Hahah. "Free" isn't free when it's a tax.... stop using the terminology please and thank you. Also if you cared to look around you'd see places like Canada still have private clinics which bernies plan does not support.... and a LARGE percentage people use them.... Businessman, philanthropist, activist, father. Neither Democrat nor Republican. Common Sense is the way. Owner at Cloud Chasers Inc, and Cloud 9 Vapes LLC.
caelinnis @CciJonathan @shadow80y Socializing healthcare and education is the NORM. The UK the EU and even CANADA have it. You call me brainwashed? ok do me a favor and google how many countries have free healthcare just a big nerd
JacobiteJolly The Canadian Prairies If by free you mean “I believe whatever my masters tell me to believe and never question their decisions”, then yes, Canada is very free. Byzantine Catholic • separatist • Canadian Monarchist • Zoomer • Jesus is King 👑
Methlehem_ Perks of having a dad that works in Canada? I found an allergen free food that’s amazing and only sold there Find it for me dad. 4/14/15 I love you 3,000
merlote777 Barry Soetoro"aka Barack Hussein Obama" is a CIA agent for British intelligence" and a Muslim brotherhood terrorist that was infiltrated into the White House by the Democrat Party! As he walks free as a traitor to the USA he is now controlling all of Canada! W/Mkultra NWO Trudeau My President DJT American Patriot love my constitution and law and order keeping our freedoms and make America Great Again.
DSChallenges World A 1990s milestone in the new Canada foreign policy - State Of Decay: #Haiti Turns To Free-Market Economics And The UN To Save Itself #freemarkets #foreignpolicy Designing human #development and health. Editor and writer of Southern #Innovator
Intoxi198 Lahore @BilkulSahiKaha I bought a 8/256 surface laptop 2 for 899 Canadian dollars from Canada for light use and they gave me a 1tb external drive free too, don't even wanna know what it's selling for here😂
ozwel Paris, France @SPeitsch @Public_Citizen @AndyRichter @PaoloRosso20 cost of birth does not mean what parents have to pay. It's never free, hospitals get paid in the end, in Canada and Germany just like in the US. In France we don't have to pay as parents too but it's still $2,500 needed by the hospital. US hospitals are more greedy. Security Engineer @Microsoft | Frequent traveler
very_vile 🇨🇦 @PBC_CLCC That's why you let James Forcillo get full parole for murdering and executing Sammy Yatim right? You don't give a rats bottom about public safety, all you care about is making sure that the 1% and the criminals get off scott free for their crimes against the rest of Canada. Canada
SexyPlusClothin mississauga, canada Last one!! This Dex hooded sweatshirt is SO SOFT! Size XL left Tap to shop and visit our website for price and details. . . FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 to Canada and USA! /… Sexy, sophisticated, affordable #plussize fashions. Int'l online shipping + boutique in #Mississauga.
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llamailana California Try TextNow - I got a free phone number with unlimited texting and calling to USA & Canada! Download it from 22 |A soul must never be pushed or driven, but allowed to unfold naturally, like a flower blossoming bit by bit in the sunshine| VT☀️
drakeanttwitch @wheelswordsmith I see a lot of stuff about capitalism but no one giving a logical solution and that are still thinking that healthcare in Canada etc is free. I play games
drewwilletts Middlesboro, KY 40965 Try out @Dingtone - great FREE calling and texting app. #Canada #DancingBrasil love to ride the bike (peddle) love my Detroit Tigers,Red Wings & NHL Detroit Lions
NocrapDept @TracyCamp10 @thisfoolchad @VWHORUSHD @redsteeze And specialists don't practice at free clinics- the point, in her case, is that completely removing the cost from the consumer will drive demand artificially through the roof resulting in... you guessed it... outrageous wait times. See Canada for more examples. Joe Obvious, CPT, Director, and Funny Off Air Personality.
crose_Canada Alberta, Canada What a great idea! Bring your popcorn and hot chocolate! Watch free movies projected on a giant snow bank! Friday, February 7 to Monday, February 17, 2020 International Festival of Winter Cinema. #yeg #wintercity #yegevents #outdoorfun #snowmovie @X5Management Team Training | Coaching | Consulting solutions for: Sales, Customer Service, Team Building & Leadership #JMTeam +Timeless Events @TimelessEvents9
BoothWilliam London, England Imagine free movement between Canada, the United States and Mexico and you have something close. London Bureau Chief for The Washington Post. Formerly same in Jerusalem, Mexico City, LA & Miami. Likes = file cabinet.
MattGre90193188 California @dolores_wagner @KFILE But please feel free to name a few countries that have both Public and Private health insurance and where their healthcare system is as robust as the U.K. or Canada. Hardcore leftist sick of centrist politicians holding back progress.
CanadaStays North America Want to experience ski hills outside of Canada? Steamboat Springs is an awesome option and this rental even offers free shuttles to the hills! Check it out here: #canadastays #vacationrental #colorado Canada's largest vacation rental marketplace. Find your perfect stay in Canada, the US, & Caribbean. For customer inquiries, visit
PrinceButtmunch Calgary, Alberta Not to mention, a lot of forking people don’t have vehicles/can’t operate vehicles?? What do you want them to do?? WALK? Get beeeeent. Ambulances aren’t even free in Canada?? AND ANOTHER POINT what if someone’s having a stroke? Seizure?? Literally any medical emergency (cont) Theyby in shining armour 🌸 He/They🌙 Occasionally lewd 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞 Green Bean 🍓💉04/07/2019💉. CW:// THIS PAGE WILL HAVE WEED MENTIONS AND/OR TALK ⚠️
ILLUMIN75635003 Quebec, England @DuchessOfCLand @YouTube 2020 is here you can still be part of the #illuminati brotherhood today. Take the bold step today application is free and all countries eligible. Join the #illuminati and say yes to wealth fame and power and say no to poverty. Hail #illuminati #illuminatiam #Southafrica #Canada Serious persons add me on WhatsApp +1 (438) 896-3750 now 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺THE #ILLUMINATI We are always watching out for you!🔺🔺
Laura_Tren @Georginavillen1 @KensingtonRoyal @churchscotland Just wait until scheming devious golddigger Meghan starts complaining about Canada. Meghan knows Canada are wimps, so she can use them to pay for all of her and Harry's extravagant expenses. They want a free ride in life. They also abandoned their charities.
sizzleintimates Canada #sexylingerie Vintage White Cotton Pajamas Set Sizzle Intimates Vintage White Cotton Pajamas Set Buy now for Just $19.95 ...and get free shipping in the US and Canada! #Cotton #Pajamas #Shirt #Shorts #Vintage Sizzle Intimates is your source for the most unique lingerie curated from the finest collections around the world and delivered right to your door.
mosharraf_mo Dhaka, Bangladesh Try out @Dingtone - great FREE calling and texting app. #Americans #Canada
scottshanno Toronto, Ontario @stevesms1960 @NikkiHaley Literally every other western country gets “free stuff” like healthcare. Single payer (Canada), multi payer with regulation (German, Dutch), government controlled healthcare (NHS) all have pros and cons but similar or better outcomes for less cost. Fan of reality based thinking. OT Cybersecurity, Politics, Dogs, Triathlon. RTs are binding contracts sealed in blood.
MiDNiTEMN Raid, BO2 @Mask_Painter @ROKKR @TorontoUltra Fact: they are not called the Ontario ultra Fact: they are not called the Canada ultra Fact: Minneapolis, where our event is, and also huge majority of Minnesota is more north than Toronto This lesson is free of charge and brought to you by @ROKKR Director of Content @ROKKR • Queen of the North • I still stream sometimes: #RØKKR
SatuRuna Los Angeles, CA (⬆️In relation to my sex). This coincided with moving to the US from Canada. The Deep South. Gender roles were enforced harshly. I wrangled with it and didn’t give in till college. And it took until 2 years ago to get back to that free spirit, well-rounded girl I was as a child. Rhymes with tattoo. 🎥 Director (Queen Gorya), Writer, & Performer creating female-driven comedy and mind-bending drama. #NASASocial Member🚀🤘🏽
JustinCanadian Canada, eh @Bradsjunk @RobertRandallW1 @dr_klassen @prageru Again you just want looked after by the government and given free stuff. While taxes explode and you can't get absolutely nothing.. I would rather work for what I get. And do so with little government and low taxes. I live in Canada will they get 42% of earnings. It blows. Conservative. Pro-life, Pro-animal adoption, pro-wrasslin fan/ gamer. Pro-LGBT (LGBTRUMP Group). Anti-Trudope/ PRO good food. great beer
meggiewalk London, Ontario Canada Quebec man charged with femicide was on day parole for ex-spouse's brutal slaying. Needed to have “his sexual needs” met and killed the woman he paid to rape. Not one politician is addressing women’s right to live free from violence and #femicide. Executive Director @endwomanabuse working with local/national/international partners to end male violence, assault, torture and femicide against women/girls
MaritimeTartan Halifax, Nova Scotia What an awesome long tie and Bow Tie. Handmade in #Halifax #novascotia Red / Black #Plaid or #Buffalocheck as i call it. FREE SHIPPING! #rnation #ottawa #canada #canadian @REDBLACKS #madeincanada #madeinhalifax #madeinnovascotia We are now known as Maritime Tartan Company. We create Handmade Tartan Items
Delores2004For @BCReality @PeterMacKay It's easy to see how divisive your tweet is where you isolate folks from the prairies because they voted conservative. Their political free will was exercised and reflects their concerns over Trudeau's energy policies which affect their livelihoods. Alberta helps Canada a LOT!! In memoriam to all children and adult children who's lives were taken and for whom justice has not yet been served. The storm will come & justice will be done!
rorycam85011089 Victoria, British Columbia @sunlorrie Not disputing his actual right to free speech in Canada. And, as we all know, he and his lunatic family have exercised that right often enough in the past. What I object to is Dalhousie offering him a platform to, once again play the victim and accuse Canada of wrongdoing. Fiscal conservative, social moderate. Governance advisor. Former Alberta gov't Deputy Minister in 2 economic portfolios.
cailycombs Prince George, British Columbia @_beebot_ They're not free in Canada either. Everytime my grandfather assumes he can walk and falls they charge us to come take him to the hospital |Jay|19|trans|homoromantic ace|misanthropist|artist|writer|in many fandoms|avi by @AvyLynne|
CoNautics Elegant, versatil and unique. ..check out our link in the bio for the perfect wrist accessory! 👆 ✈️ 🗺 FREE shipping to Canada and the US 📬 📦 Constantin Nautics is a fashion accessories brand fueled by a passion for water sport. We feature handmade accessories, made from genuine nautical ropes.
VasantiCosmetic Canada No matter your skin concerns or skin type, our Brighten Up! Miracle Mask will target and combat your pain points, without irritation or tightness!⁠ It's cruelty free, vegan friendly, paraben & sulfate free, 98% natural and proudly made in Canada! ⁠ #vasanti #miraclemask Look Like You. Feel Like You. 💕
Deganwy2019 North Wales @Femi_Sorry Don’t want them to Femi. I think WTO for a while might be preferable. There is no “level playing field’ with Canada and Japan. Or free movement and vast payments, tariff transfers..etc etc. If they don’t want a deal, we should walk away. Brexit now! No Deal supporter. North Wales is just the greatest place to live. Sea, Beaches, mountains. National hunt racing enthusiast. 🐎
AndyAbreuM Dominican Republic @RyanOCo39205242 @Oseguera2020 Healthcare free of cost (not free because is paid in taxes) is not socialism. Many countries has that and they're not socialist (Canada and most European countries). And yes, I don't live in US so it's not my problem, but I think it was important to let you know the difference Civil Engineer. Yankees fan, a @WWE longlife Fan and a proud member of the #12, Go #Seahawks... tweet too much about wrestling and sports, so be prepare
Mystrie010 Illinois, USA @adamcbest We need to adopt the same policy as the UK & Canada. 6 months of campaigning TOPS!!!!!! I am so sick of YEARS of campaigning. All that money can get us free college, healthcare, day care and parental newborn leave. Chicago Democrat grandmother, dog & cat owner, humanitarian. Resisting in shock! #blockedbyavenatti
twittsuspend191 gun free Canada is heaven to gangs and criminals of all kind!..stupid Canadians are giving up the right for self defense!..well they deserve to die!!!...wake up Canada!,,,change the laws!!...get self defense firearms!

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