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CNN Canada has controlled its Covid-19 cases as the US struggles. There's been no controversy over masks, plus "early and widespread testing, a free health care system still building surge capacity, longer shutdowns, slower reopenings, social distancing,” @paulanewtonCNN explains. It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Join us! For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & download our app
NewDay .@paulanewtonCNN explains how Canada controlled its Covid-19 cases as the US struggles. There's been no controversy over masks, plus "early and widespread testing, a free health care system still building surge capacity, longer shutdowns, slower reopenings, social distancing.” Join Alisyn Camerota & @JohnBerman on CNN weekdays 6-9a ET for all the latest news. @VictorBlackwell & @Christi_Paul host weekends.
SenatorMunson Ottawa, Canada Canada must offer sanctuary to those who feel threatened by the new oppressive security law in Hong Kong. It’s one thing to stand with the people of Hong Kong.Its more important to offer a place to live and be free. China is crushing basic human rights. #StandwithHK #HongKong Senator for Ontario and member of the Progressive Senate Group. Appointed to the Senate of Canada on December 10th, 2003 by the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien.
daphnesimone Toronto · All Opinions My Own @ashleyjaycooper @pavanmoondi @meaftertoo For those enquiring, @meaftertoo is available on: AMAZON PRIME (USA & UK): REELHOUSE (Canada + Global): (it’s $1 to stream - the lowest we could set it). *if money is an issue, let me know and we will send you a 1-use free code. mum / producer / director (latest: @meaftertoo doc) / MAPC | educator @sheridancollege / #feminist activist 4 #genderequality & #womensleadership 💪🙌 (she/her)
wizebaistore Canada Vegetable Spiralizer Slicer Cutter Grater Handheld Cooking Tools . Come check us out at ! FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA AND UNITED STATES! Welcome to WIZEBAÏ, your #1 source for all your shopping needs! We offer new and innovative products at the best affordable prices! Free Shipping Canada & US!
polirical Denver, CO @pklinkne Was the revolution worth it? Canada seems much more free and with a more representative system of Government today. Searching for truth
ERoberto4218 Espana @NeilYoungNYA @potus Come on Neil, that was not one of your best Albums or songs. You choose to live in the USA and not Canada. Happy 4th of July, lighten up and keep Rocking in the Free World ! I believe Darwin is most relevant today in the midst of strong evolutionary forces at work on the Planet. The Earth needs a large catharsis.
len_canada Proud to be North of the 49th @realDonaldTrump Explain how Canada has controlled its Covid-19 cases as the US struggles. There's no controversy over masks, "early and widespread testing, a free health care system still building surge capacity, longer shutdowns, slower reopenings, social distancing,”I am a proud Canadian. You know you’re correct when you provide facts and they block you. Block me tRumpers!
RudyCuzzetto Mississauga, Ontario #DYK: FREE fishing in Ontario starts today? For the next two weeks, you can fish across the province without a licence. 🐟🎣🐟 Explore Ontario, and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends! #MississaugaLakeshore #GoFish Read more: MPP for #MississaugaLakeshore. Parliamentary Assistant to @PBethlenfalvy. Member of the Standing Committee on Government Agencies. #TeamRudy #ForThePeople 🇨🇦
Garrett08108561 @ms_estarr @caroljsroth Go to Canada or Mexico and get all the free health care you want. We will be happier without having to support you. Everyone is happy Am I the only one that believes in Capitalism and BLM?
QCND1 Canada Let's make these far left socialists anarchists understand that the "old stock" Canadians made this country the "true North strong and free " and the most respected nations on earth and their cultural marxism has no place in our new Canada. Don't like it get the hell out. Love my wife and 2 daughters. Proud Albertan and Canadian. Anti UN and Liberanos.🇨🇦🇺🇲
frankjmiller Limerick, Ireland @AntonSavageShow I was in Edmonton, Canada about 8 years ago and saw the following offer in a local ford dealership "Buy an F350 get an F150 free"
wolf8714 Here in the United States I have been trying to get in the movie business for many years but if your Jewish you get a free pass it makes me sick It is time to Expel The Jews from United States, Canada and Europe all Jews go back to Israel we don't want you here anymore PROWHITE
SewingStuffs Canada Anyone looking for a big bottom yarn tail ? Really need the space in the studio and need this gone. Was made I think 4-5 years back now for a Halloween costume. Take it off my hands for $30 CAD with FREE shipping within Canada ! #fursuitsale #fursuit4sale #fursuitforsale Canadian maker of fuzzy animal costumes.
Nada1990dew Use @Dingtone to call and text for free! #Canada #DancingBrasil
NYCA_IrishGirl P.S. IMPEACH KAVANAUGH! @realDonaldTrump Oh no Honey, you are. While I don't like anything about you, I do feel badly when I see other world leaders laughing at you. I've actually seen, France, Germany, Canada, Russia and China's leaders laughing at you. The truth will set you free if you go to Him. Free the United States from TYRANNICAL TRUMP--25TH AMMENDMENT NOW! ALL TRUMP SYCOPHANTS BLOCKED!
happyowlshoppe Toronto Surprise! Get 20% off your entire order when you spend $25 at the Shoppe. No code needed, your discount will be applied at checkout. Free shipping to Canada and the US too! Sale ends July 5th at 11:59pm.… We’ve done the searching for you. All the best must-have items, hand-picked from across the Internet. For special offers, find us on Instagram and Facebook. 🌿
LameyPatterson Calgary -- NYC -- Toronto @realDonaldTrump In Alberta Canada, testing is free and available to everyone, even with no symptoms. You can literally just get tested for fun. So your argument is invalid 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t have a problem area, I’m a whole problem
DrCoopsbeard Austin, TX @Anarchomancer @CervantesGalan So you want to seek your fortune but capitalism sucks. Maybe when travel reopens you can try China, Saudi Arabia or Russia. If you seek wild and free lands, I'm sure there are vast stretches of space on every continent.Australia, Asia, South America. Canada has a ton of land. Some days you're the pigeon. Some days you're the statue. Business Owner- Investment Banker - Recovering Attorney - Bon Vivant - Raconteur - Chicago ExPat
Quibblerman @HeathMayo Addressing one specific ridiculous claim... Europe is not free of Nazism *because of* American independence. As part of the United Kingdom, America would still have fought the Nazis right along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the United Kingdom. Lawyer (retired). Constitutional law nerd. Former Georgetown Law Gilbert & Sullivan cast member. "Two spaces after a period and the Oxford comma!" (they/their)
JamieON94964661 EU, UK, Canada, I wonder if travel and tourism is a big money making ticket in US .UK to allow quarantine-free travel with nearly 60 countries — but not the U.S. via @politico LOVE history, politics, travelling around this beautiful world, family, friends, and my job. I am a CANUCK who wants Trump out!
alex71893116 america and canada- Text HOME to 741741 to connect to a crisis counselor. It is free. UK- text 85258 ireland- text 086 1800 280 You are not alone. Alex | she/they | 🏳️‍🌈 | text 741741 if you need help, it works better than the (TW) suicide line |
joeythompsonn @HenrikHustvedt @ext3rs @Slayd1x @DskiLuke @MackWood1x if america cuts military spending and starts spending money on things such as free healthcare BOOM canada goes to crap. it’s all to keep peace if you don’t like it leave
TexasStar777 Quitman Texas Try TextNow - I got a free phone number with unlimited texting and calling to USA & Canada! Download it from Single man looking for love and making money with crypto and doing airdrops on the telegram platform.
meginator1000 Florida, USA @FlyThaiMMA Seriously, send me money I’ll go back to Canada and get some free healthcare. @UF_CGSWSR grad. Founder and writer of Millennial Feminist Blog (launching soon). Follow @y2kfeminist for updates. #IBelieveTaraReade #StillWithBernie
AroundBee Take advantage of Canada’s favourite online marketplace for services and get new leads for your business! Join now for free - link in bio 📌 #BeeAround 🐝 CANADA’S FAVORITE ONLINE MARKETPLACE FOR SERVICES.
faux_rex LA, NY, Authentictown USA I mean, given that Canada consistently ranks among the top 5 in Education year after year, and happens to be one of the countries that's often cited as the standard for free health care, whereas the US is often cited as... "sub-standard" to say the least... Insert Informative Bio Here
Yvette81204203 Try TextNow - I got a free phone number with unlimited texting and calling to USA & Canada! Download it from
kpfluri Ontario, Canada @ChauffeurFF563 @JohnCleese I live in Canada we have no real right to free speech or self defense, the government is corrupt, consistently commits ethics violations, and is continuously encroaching more and more on our rights and freedoms everyday Join the revolution! Checkout the podcast at Instagram: chanceoffluri Parler: @kpfluri
mllichti @JonahDispatch The American revolution was about independence from Britain. Britain has free speech, free assembly, & due process. Canada stayed loyal to Britain during the war, and they have free speech, free assembly, & due process too.
groovesto The moon @RNMSN1975 @JLK19569 @MeghanMcCain Canada! We have not only the freedom but free healthcare, public schools that aren’t falling apart, laws that exist throughout the country not province to province and a military we’re very proud of. You’re problem is that you think you’re better than every other country. publicist in another life, liberal always, no bullcrap
richardgoatcher Nanaimo @cbcnewsbc @paulmanly The campers' list of demands, outlined in a news release, includes "permanent housing for all" - in one of Canada's most expensive markets. And just who is going to pay for all this "free" housing? The poor tapped-out taxpayers or businesses struggling to stay afloat? Retired - most days.
LivingSafely Worldwide Sport Safety: Missed It? Domyos #Pilates Exercise Ball recall: • You can now search or browse over 13,205 more #recalls and #warnings at or sign-up for our #free Auto-Notify service. Official site. Living Safely keeps you up-to-date with informative health, medical, nutrition, product recall, safety and travel news and tips.
beverely55 Alberta, Canada @realDonaldTrump I’m Canadian and I applaud you Sir. Thank you for the strength and courage you show every day. Please drain the swamp so Canada 🇨🇦 too can be free! Wife, mother, grandmother, business woman. truth Seeker!
MaybesMusic It’s Warm indigenous people are still discriminated against. What i mean when i say canada is better is that they do a better job with healthcare, accepting LGBT. College is also much cheaper too (and i think they offer free college to low income families? I dont know). Again is all coming 💜 Mae 💜 She/Her 💜 Always running on two brain cells 💜
bsj5 planet @realDonaldTrump More and more Trump tweet this kind of stupid statements it shows how incompetent and unfit president he is . Sorry ...America look your north country Canada virus under control (Free medical care for all )
OFFTHESPECTACLE San Francisco, CA @Mercelena4 @Canada_Viking @CNN True. In America you’re free to do and be anything you want. Some choose to be victims.
gambiit88 Vancouver, British Columbia @Kap_Canada @HuntShowdown True. I just don't need anything to get kills in hunt. I can go in with a free hunter and a Springfield or nagant precision lol. I have so many stolen mosins and crap
SantanasEmpire Corpus Christi, TX King George wanted no slavery! that’s why y’all left Europe to practice Witch craft, Masonic principle and mufforkin slavery!!! Who owned Canada? And allowed black people to be free if they could make it? Say what you want and do what you please, but for fun i put holes in ya shoes and ya knees T.I
ChronicZedd Thumbails: LuvTisa WtfAcres This is referring to the gaming world not real world, real world is based on manifestation and location, but in all countries like Canada America and the EU, it’s 99% manifestation. If you think I’m wrong feel free to let me know and we can hash it out, I’m open minded Code: Zeddbtw #Ad // Youtube: Chronic Zedd // Instagram: Zeddbtw // Twitch: ChronicZedd // Content Lead For @TenseUprising // Content Creator For @FRchronic
Christello1 Concord and Lexington #MAGA @NeilYoungNYA You're free to return to the land of your heritage anyday, chump. And I'm not talking about Canada either. .. Everyday is but a new adventure on this Great Big Blue Planet. Nothing but Blue Skies Up! But for the Grace of GOD, there go I, down the Rabbit hole.... #Qanon
GuyThompson_Esq Victoria, British Columbia @JustinTrudeau Why can't Canada write and perform a song like this and become the greatest country in the world? Home Free - God Bless the U.S.A. (featuring Lee Greenwood and The United States Air Force Band) #cdnpoli I write and produce movies (Romance & Mystery). You probably know who I am, but I can't tell you for obvious reasons. 514 US 334.
mscherylterra Happy Fourth of July and belated Canada Day! I'm giving my patrons a copy of my ebook for Runaway in celebration :) #erotica #ebooks #supportcreators #patronperks Writer, reader, and appreciator of fine erotica. 18+ only.
tailsbsd Mobius Try TextNow - I got a free phone number with unlimited texting and calling to USA & Canada! Download it from 8 year old fox. Profile picture by @teentitanssf. #BlackLivesMatter #democrat #resist #resister #resistance #sonicrp
allegro1950 Vancouver, British Columbia @cbcnewsbc So Vancouver and BC starts the hamster-wheel of providing free permanent homeless housing, and Canada provides the homeless...policies are needed to address root causes with aim of rehabilitating into society at large, not just preserving status quo at its darkest fringes!
imo_capital Mississauga, Ontario FREE Events Join us! iMortgage Capital DLC, Canada's largest mortgage brokerage will provide #excellent professional expertise, commitment to teamwork and passion for service. FSCO License # 12815 YOUR ALTERNATIVE LANDING SPECIALIST "Mortgage Agents Offering Loans" Call Now: 1-888-511-3484
GCLongform Canada Matthew McKnight was a popular, powerful figure in the Edmonton bar scene, known for passing out free drinks and hosting frequent after-parties. Then three young women went to the police to accuse him of rape. Others followed. (@globeandmail @jana_pruden) Sharing the best stories by, for and about Canadians. Send suggestions to or use #CDNLongform (Edited by @robcsernyik)
HIGTIHIGTI33 @Mfs27280146 @steven_fett @RobynAnne Dont you think as an American you deserve better than you have it? Don’t you think you should have what the rest of Europe and Canada has ? Free health care, and all benefits listed above? I’m just shocked Americans accept such sh*tty treatment.
KiingSlayzz Mobile, AL @ivbhadbx well then how would they profit off of us needing chemo when we have lung cancer ?? THIS IS MERIKKKA ‼️ You Live to Die Early in this country ‼️ if you don't like it, Go too Canada with their free health care and common sense . 😂😂😂 #CanadaInvadeUs Plzz I Beg 😭😭 20 Y/O♒ •👨‍❤️‍👨 Gay-Genderqueer 🌈• Gamer🕹️ • BPD 🎭• Georgia Native 🍑
Nockit1 @Cernovich Freedom. 2A - prohibits tyrants. Free speech. We lead the way in most social evolutions -- even though people point to Northern Europe and Canada as if they are so far ahead -- they are not. Keeping it steel

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